Happy Holidays “Shari’s 12 Days of Xmas”

Around this time of the year, I get excited because of the holiday season. I love the holidays and I’m a social butterfly, an adventurous type person. Since my heart is filled with so much joy, I would like to pass on twelve of my favorite ways that I enjoy this season and perhaps, you can use them too.

  1. Watch Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer and Scrooge at least twice before Xmas. There’s just something about Rudolph that makes you feel good. Rudolph reveals although you may be different, there’s great in everyone. Scrooge reminds us life isn’t all that bad after all.
  2. Buy and wear Xmas pajamas. They’re just fun to wear around the house during the season! (Note: wear them around the house!) Lol!
  3. Call someone you haven’t talk to in a while. You never know what a person is going through, so call him or her up and say “Happy Holidays”! You just may brighten their day.
  4. Listen to Christmas music. My Soulful Christmas station is geared up and ready to go. I’ll be singing all my favorite songs for they put me in the holiday spirit.
  5. Decorate your house! Christmas decorations will make your home cozy and create your very own Christmas castle.
  6. Buy or make an extra gift and give it a way to someone. My church collects hats and gloves for children this time every year. You don’t know who they go to, but it makes you feel good knowing you donated to keep a child warm.
  7. Visit a holiday light display. I’ll try to find a light display that I can drive through because it’s more accessible and warmer. The twinkling lights have a way of making you feel happy and childlike.
  8. Eat Christmas cookies. My friend Kim makes the best cookies ever and she always graces me with a bundle during the holidays. Every time I eat one, I think of our great friendship and they also make my mouth extremely happy.
  9. Go to a candle light program. A program such as this is adds true meaning to the holidays.
  10. Take time to enjoy your family. Many times, families are not able to get together during the year because of many other obligations. The holidays are when you should make time to spend with each other.
  11. Buy or create a new Christmas ornament each year. Every year brings about changes in one’s life. This year, I’ll be on the hunt for a doggie ornament to commemorate getting my awesome puppy, Tiny!
  12. Take lots of pictures to savor the memories.

Many of my 12 Days of Xmas activities doesn’t cost anything because when it comes down to it, the holidays are all about love and goodwill towards men. Try out a few of my 12 activities for fun and big thanks for supporting blog over the years. Happy Holidays!


8 comments on “Happy Holidays “Shari’s 12 Days of Xmas”

  1. Debbie on

    Shari your list almost mirrors mine. I have always tried to make Christmas about others and not myself. Hence the hats and shirts. The best gift is yourself. So if I can make someone smile or laugh then that is a gift not only to them but to yourself as well.

  2. Kim on

    I LOVE that you included me and my cookies in your 12 Days list! I am honored.
    And, of course, you will be getting cookies from my kitchen…soon.
    On my list this week is to watch “The Muppet Christmas Carol”…it’s the ultimate in happy holiday fun for me. Love singing to the songs that are exclusive to this move, along with Kermit and the gang.
    Have a very merry Christmas, dear friend!


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