Happy Mother’s Day What Does Your Mother Mean To You?

It is that time of year, when we stop and pay honor to the first woman we have ever loved, our mothers. Mothers are superheroes, they do it all.  No matter how difficult life gets, moms have a way of making everything better. As many of you probably already know, my mother Erma, eighty-five years strong, is my best friend. I even nicknamed her Sunshine. She can light up a room with her smile. Mom raised me to love the Lord and to be tough so when I come up against hurdles and fall, I am able to get back up, brush myself off and keep on with my race.  I can count on my mom for anything and she has the best sense of humor, which I am happy I inherited. Since Mother’s Day is such a special occasion, I invited a few of my co-workers to share about their mothers.

Toni- “My Mom is my world. She knows just what to say and do to get me to smile when I am down. To hear that I am just like her is the best compliment I could ever receive.”

Cindy- “My mother was everything to me. She stood by me no matter the good, bad and the ugly.  Our favorite thing to do was to travel and take road trips. We spent many special moments just being together. My favorite was our road trip to Texas, which by the way is a very long road trip.  It was my favorite because we stopped at Graceland and saw Elvis’ mansion, something she always wanted to do!  My mom was my rock and one of the strongest women I have ever known. She lived with lupus almost her entire life and in pain! But that never knocked her down, she lived life to the fullest….so what does Mother’s Day mean to me now! To make sure I live life to the fullest no matter what comes my way!”

Debbie- “My mom passed when I was 16 and left me to help with 5 brothers and sisters. I did not realize what all she did till she was gone. She was the glue that held us together and she was also the strongest woman I have ever known. Even when I wouldn’t eat my oatmeal she made sure I had dinner that night.  She was a hero to me.”         

Anonymous- “After going through an abusive relationship in college, I tested my mother’s ability to be patient with me. Although my mother was constantly giving me information and guidance to help me leave my relationship, she knew it was ultimately my choice since I was over 18 and no longer dependent on her financially. She was my friend and confidante during that time, and she helped in any way she could (or I’d let her) – whether that be paying my phone bill (to make sure my phone always stayed on), making sure I was seeing a therapist at the time, or just always being there when I needed someone to call and talk to. When I was FINALLY ready to leave the relationship (way overdue after 3 years), she and my father were ready to help me move out with less than 24 hour notice. I learned on that day that NOONE would be there for me in the same way as my mother and I thank God for our time together every day.”  

Linda- “My mother Gloria is 90 and I am blessed to have had her in my life for nearly seven decades. She lived in Italy as a child and shared her heritage with us through her wonderful fashion sense, exceptional cooking, and the love she continues to bestow on her children, grandchildren, and great-grands. She is the matriarch and the “heart” of our family.   Happy Mother’s Day, Mom!”

Lydia- I can write a book on how special my mother is to me but I will keep it short and simple. My mother is so special because she has been such a wonderful role model. As a kid I would always tell myself if I was to ever become a mother I would want to be just like my mom. My mom is my best friend and my best cheerleader. My mom doesn’t know a stranger and if she does she is always welcoming with open arms and lots of love. There was a point in my life where I just wanted to give up but with my mom by my side with her prayers, encouraging words and her love may me realized that I have no reason to give up I was blessed with a wonderful mother who would do anything and everything for my kids and myself. ”Successful Mothers are not the ones that have never struggled. They are the ones that never give up despite the struggles.”

Happy Mother’s day!!!

Vonciel– “After losing her first husband in 1995 and her second mate of 23 years in June 2017 then her mother 4 months after, and enduring several surgeries throughout her life including three major surgeries in a nine month period…she continues to look stunning and attend to the needs of others.  Every day she declares that if it wasn’t for the Lord, she would not have made it through those tragedies.  I am very thankful to still have her here with me.  My mother Vanessa is my example of a strong, loving, God-fearing woman of faith and perseverance.”

Amanda- “I know I can always, always count on my mom to have my back. She always has my best interest in mind and I can always count her. “

Melody- “My Mother is special because, WOW! I took long to respond because it’s so hard to narrow down her “AWESOMENESS” to a few sentences. She special because she always puts herself last when it comes to her children. I have no doubt that my mother would easily lay down her life for any of us. She is supportive beyond the norm and her love can only be described as “Supernatural”!  I am so fortunate to still have her around! I thank God every day for the honor of being her daughter!”

There you have it, mothers are special. Take time to let mothers know how much they’re loved and appreciated this Mother’s Day and every day. To all mothers, Happy Mother’s Day!


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