Holiday Fashion – By Aviva

Hello everyone!

With the holidays coming up, and weather getting colder, many of us are looking for new outfits for the winter. For

kids and parents, Goodwill can get you ready with trendy sweaters and winter outfits. You can find stylish and budget-friendly apparel

with name brands for girls and boys to enter winter in style.

For the holiday season, you can find the perfect outfit for Christmas, Hanukkah, or Kwanzaa in the form of a “holiday style” sweater, perfect for the winter chill along with keeping in the spirit.

When shopping for new seasonal outfits, your local Goodwill can offer bargains on the latest style. From warm hats and gloves for kids and adults to gently used coats and sweaters, Goodwill can set you up with the perfect ensemble to face the winter chill. No matter the outfit, Goodwill can also set you up with a wide array of accessories sure to complement your new look.

Remember, if you have a gently used coat that you outgrew or a sweater that you never wore, you can donate it to your local Goodwill, and support your community this season. Have fun, and happy holidays!


 By: Aviva

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