Holiday Inclusion Remember, The Grinch Wasn’t Born The Grinch

I must admit The Grinch has never been one of my favorite holiday movies until recently when I found out the “true” meaning behind the Grinch’s life.

I know most of you have read or seen the story but enlighten me for a moment to break this classic down in my own way.

The Grinch was raised in an orphanage and even though the movie never gets too deep into this situation, he was abandoned by his parents. Now, I do understand there’re some unforeseen circumstances that would make a parent give up a child, but I would truly hope if one makes this decision, he or she would make sure their child was left in a happy and loving environment.

Unfortunately, where the Grinch was left was not great. He was truly sad, and as he grew-up, his sadness eventually grew into anger. He especially had a disliking for the holidays because they brought up sad memories of him spending them alone. On top of having a very rough childhood, the Grinch was also a different type of character due to the fact, he was green!

Being different can sometimes cause society to exclude you. The hurt of being isolated is extremely painful, especially during the holidays when most are celebrating with loved ones and friends.

Whether a person is born different or chooses to be different, he or she more than likely does not want to be excluded from activities. The holiday time is supposed to be a joyous season and if it’s not, maybe you should try and brighten someone’s day.

Every year I write a blog to make sure everyone remembers the holidays are not as joyous to others as they may be to you. Life’s situations can really bring people down this time of year, especially if they are alone.

I know people have a lot on their plate but if you can find it in your heart to remember someone this season, please do. There are so many activities taking place; parties, dinners, caroling, visiting light displays, cookie decorating and shopping. If you can invite someone along, that would be awesome.  And as always… make sure seasonal activities are accessible for all to enjoy.

Remember, The Grinch wasn’t born the Grinch. Life circumstances turned him into the Grinch. But when the Who’s from Whoville extended an act of kindness, he became happy and found the joy of the Holidays.  It’s my hope that we can help follow the gesture of kindness by reaching out to make someone feel included this holiday season.

4 comments on “Holiday Inclusion Remember, The Grinch Wasn’t Born The Grinch

  1. Mary Pfeil on

    I appreciate being enlightened about the backstory about the Grinch. I had no idea about his background. Relating this to others feeling left out or having a hard time being joyous in the holiday are excellent points! People do make the difference between making another feel included or excluded from special occasions. Enjoy the holidays, Shari!

  2. Jerome Haney on

    Whereas I do understand that the Grinch had a upbringing that was not all favorable, I also understand that we as people will at time hang on to childhood hurts, pains, and anger. These can only deepen our Trauma, Depression and PTSD, as well as other Mental Health concerns. During any holiday can be one can let the toils of life get them down. Remember the sitcom “Cheers?” Their song I believe said, “Need a little help from my friends.” We all can in someway or another help lighten that load off of others as well as myself. I find myself, personally, when feeling down, I say to myself, “Now self, just think where this may lead you to, and do you want to be there.” When and always the answer is unequivocally, “No.” So with a help from my Utmost High Power, I then try to lighten the load for others. If nothing else give a smile, brighten eyes, and a “I want you to know wherever I can help, let me know.” After all “Tis The Season To Be Jolly.”


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