How All Club Has Helped Me By Zhy’Coria Reliford

Today, young people have a lot to deal with and they need somewhere to destress and have people who’re willing to lend a

listening ear. They also need somewhere they feel safe and can feel a sense of belonging. The A.L.L. Club on main is that place. It

is a program offered by Goodwill Easterseals Miami Valley which provides support to teens as they navigate through some of the

stresses of life, like mental health, trauma and substance abuse. As we honor Mental Health Awareness month, let’s welcome

today’s guest blogger Zhy’Coria as she shares how A.L.L. Club has helped.



Mainly, my life before A.L.L. Club was spent running errands. Since I wasn’t in school

yet, I went from doctor appointments, to making pickups and making store runs. It was all

pretty stressful to be honest. I knew it was necessary though, to keep me busy and to fill the

time while I was out of school. A.L.L. Club helps me slow down and destress. Before I came

here, my behavior was more of an attitude like an “irritated Pomeranian”. A.L.L. Club has

become one of my coping skills that I can go to after school to be calm. My goals for the future are full of many paths. First, I

want to graduate high school and college with my diploma. As for the closer future, I want to learn how to do my own hair so

when I move out, I won’t need to ask for help. Also, learning how to cook so one day I can own my own restaurant. I want to

finish my Spanish lessons so I can own a Hispanic/Hawaiian food style restaurant. The connection will be Hispanic food with

Hawaiian cultural elements so that people who’ve never been to Hawaii can get a sense for the history and culture. Next, when I

learn Spanish, I would like to be an interpreter and teacher. When I am old enough, I would also like to adopt my children and a

dog. Overall, A.L.L. Club helps me figure out my future and ease my mental health in the present. I really like it here and think

anyone who can participate should!

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