How Social Media Has Helped Me

Hooray, hooray, today is Social Media Day!

Because of social media outlets, my life has transformed tremendously! Social media outlets allow people to not only reach out to loved ones and friends, but it’s also a good way to find out what’s going on in the community and to see what events I may like to attend.

My favorite social media outlet is by far, Facebook.

Although I’m very social, matter fact, I’m what you may call a social butterfly, there’re still so many hours in a day to buzz around and catch up with the ones you hold dear. Facebook has allowed me to stay and keep in contact with my peeps.

A few great examples of how Facebook has helped me is being able to keep in touch with my classmates that I graduated with over thirty-three years ago. The mighty lions of the Meadowdale High School Class of 1991 are doing great things. I’m glad there’s a channel that I can access to read about their lives and in return they can read about mine.

If you have a lot of family like I do, it’s often hard to connect because everyone is doing their own thing (which is called living). Facebook allows our family to connect so no one will miss important milestones that we need to know.

As you know, advocacy is my passion. Facebook is my go-to, so I know what’s happening in my community and topics covering the world of disabilities. Because of Facebook, I’ve learned of many seminars and conferences, that I otherwise would not have known about and would not have attended. Plus, I’ve been able to maintain many connections with great advocates I’ve met.

Social Media has helped me in my current role as blogger-in-chief for Goodwill Easterseals. Blogging is an activity that I’ve learned to love over the years. I can honestly say, blogging is a job that I was born to do because I put a lot into it. One good thing I’ve learned from working in Goodwill Easterseals Marketing Department is if you need to get a message out to the world, you must promote it.

Facebook has allowed me to post my blogs with just a few clicks of a button. Without this outlet my blog might not be successful as it is today.

Other social media outlets I gravitate towards are Linkedin and Snap Chat.

Although I love social media, I think it must be used with caution. Too much of anything tends to not be good for you. As you use it, you must be mindful of how much information you share, for no one needs to know all your personal information.

Social media is a great tool if used the right way. It has really helped me in many ways in my life. Hopefully, it’s helping you too. Leave a comment to let blog nation know how social media has enhanced your life.

Happy Social Media Day!

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