Ice, Ice Baby

The United States Paralympics Sled Hockey Team just took home gold for the third time.

Hockey is a very physical sport. All the pushing, bumping and sometimes even the fighting make fans go crazy and love it even more.  Sled hockey is even more physical in my opinion. One must have the muscle tone like professional wrestler John Cena.  They need to not only be able to balance their self on a sled, but actually make it move and move very fast.

The 2018 United States Paralympics Sled Hockey Team showed up and showed out at the winter games in South Korea.

To win gold, the United States’ team had to battle it out against one of their most difficult competitors, Canada. Of course the story wouldn’t be as exciting if the US Team wasn’t losing and needed only one goal to tie.

With thirty-eight seconds left on the clock, a hero arose. The very dashing Declan Farmer was the man who made not one but two amazing shots.  He was able to give the United States a victory. Declan, a very handsome Princeton University sophomore, was born a double amputee. He talked about how hard it was to find his purpose until being introduced to sled hockey. As a child, he probably wondered what kind of life he would have especially when it came to playing sports. Most boys and girls dream of playing something whether they have a disability or not.

If you’ve ever heard me present, I speak of wanting to be a fashion designer when I was younger. My dreams of becoming a fashion designer were diminished by the reality of having to be able to draw.  In fashion design you need to sketch designs, which I cannot do due to my disability. Back then, technology wasn’t as advanced as it is today so I had to rethink my career and that’s how I ended up being a blogger. Sometimes, you just have to wait while searching to find what you’re good at.  Often, what you’re supposed to do, will find you; if you’re patient like it did Declan and myself.

Declan and his team mates are now three times Paralympics Gold Medalist. Adaptive sports made it possible for people with disabilities to not just be able to participate but to be able to compete on a national scene. A story such as this, makes my heart happy.  I know there are little boys and girls with disabilities somewhere in the world wondering and hoping to have opportunities to bring them purpose and happiness. When they can see other people with disabilities like the United States Paralympics Sled Hockey Team achieving their goals, then they will know goals are obtainable.  You just need to reach out for them. Way to go Team USA!

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  1. Randi Simon-Serey on

    Hi! You were delightful at the big meeting on Monday, April 9! From now on I’m printing your blogs to put in the Staff Monthly Meeting binder so everyone can read them. Rock on!

    Nurse Randi in Piqua

    • Shari Cooper on

      Thanks Randi! Glad you enjoyed my presentation and happy to know you’ll be printing my blogs for your staff to read. That will help with disability awareness. Thanks again!


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