Independence Day Is Everyday

Happy Independence Day!

As I think about it, every day is Independence Day to me. As a person with a disability, I truly value my independences. For most with challenges, independences are the root of their soul. I know it is for me.

One major thing I value about independence is, having a job. My job has allowed me to do some really great things. The things I’ve accomplished aren’t extraordinary, just everyday things the average person does on a daily basis. First of all having a job is an accomplishment enough, and it also enhances my independence. Getting up going to work each day knowing I’m a part of a team is good for my and anyone else’s self-worth.

When I graduated from Sinclair Community College, I really didn’t know what career path I wanted to go down. Later, I found I was just like many other college students for when they graduate, they don’t know either. Finding a “successful” career path can often be a bit more challenging for a person with a disability.

I have a few challenges which can be “first” perceived as obstacles such as my impaired speech and involuntary arm movements. But, challenges for me are meant to be conquered. My current position is Public Relations Assistant and I do a lot of talking and get paid for it. Funny how the universe works when the one thing you’re not supposed to be good at is what you do best.

Even my involuntary arm movements have proven to work in my favor. I type 25 words a minute with one finger. And if you put a deluxe Cassano’s pizza in front of me, I will devour it, involuntary movements and all. It’s mind over matter or shall I say it’s pizza over everything!

Due to the independence my job provides, I was able to buy a house with my favorite guy last year. And a few months ago, we got a not so little Rottweiler puppy and named her, Tiny.

None of these life’s dreams would have come true for me if I didn’t have my job and independence. I often think people take independences for granted because they’re so use to doing things for themselves. Only when your independence is taken away or threatened, will you truly understand its importance.

As you celebrate Independence Day, be sure and take some time to be thankful and reflect on its true meaning. Independence is truly a gift that many would love to have and many have died so others can achieve.


7 comments on “Independence Day Is Everyday

  1. Vanessa Moore on

    As always, that was a great read! I loved this part ” when the one thing you’re not supposed to be good at is what you do best. ” What a POWERFUL statement! Keep on rocking out and inspiring those around you!

  2. Monae Dawson on

    Inspiring as always. What a great way to appreciate our independences. Thank you Shari for sharing your successes and challenges, it truly teaches others not to take so much for granted. Your strength is infectious and I can’t speak for everyone else but the will to “press on” is now more appealing to me. You’re Amazing!!!

  3. Mary Pfeil on


    This article is so great. I love your positive spin on difficult challenges. I had no idea you could type 25 words per minute with one finger! Anymore, I put my hand on the keyboard and my fingers say, “you want us to do what?” Thankfully, I adapt by using DragonDictate to do the greatest majority of my typing. Like you, I value my independence every day.

    • Shari Cooper on

      Hey Mary Ellen!
      So happy to hear your independence has been enhanced by Dragon Dictate. We have to do whatever it takes to make things happen! Thanks for reading and have a great weekend.


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