Keep America Beautiful

Celebrate Keep America Beautiful Day with guest-blogger Cindy Carusone by learning of tips to help you do so.


Keep America Beautiful

Unless you’ve been under a rock for a year, you’ve probably noticed everything is getting expensive these days. We’re all paying more for food, gas, rent, utilities– inflation is rearing its ugly head again and hitting us where it hurts. The one good thing about these tight times is that it often makes us rethink our priorities.

Do we really need that certain brand of hummus that only the fancy organic grocery store carries? Maybe it’s time to try and make it ourselves.

Do we really need to fill the SUV with a full tank? Maybe it’s time to carpool with a neighbor or walk a bit more where you can.

The same rethinking goes for the items we need for everyday living– things like clothes, housewares, entertainment, and decor. And saving money on lightly used items to help the earth is where Goodwill Stores has been excelling for years.

If you want to find some good summer reads, I guarantee it’ll be cheaper to find a paperback copy at the Goodwill Store than ordering online or downloading the audio version. That way you can get your beach day books without breaking the bank.

Sustainability has always been at the heart of Goodwill Easterseals Miami Valley and the Goodwill Stores mission. Sustainability is not just about the health of the planet, but also the health of the community.

Just about everyone I know is, in some way, striving to become more eco-conscious. But at times the whole process can seem overwhelming. Don’t let yourself feel too bogged down, below are some small habits you could work on:

Add air-cleaning greenery to your home. Does your weekly routine include watering plants? Certain plants can help to remove toxic chemicals and pollutants from airspace contributing to cleaner indoor air. Once you’re in the habit of caring for spider plants, snake plants, peace lilies, or whichever air-cleaning plant you choose, you’ll be able to breathe a little easier and take your green thumb outdoors!  Instead of buying new plastic planters, scope out the options at the Goodwill Store that have already lived one life.

Start a compost. Instead of tossing your biodegradable scraps in the trash, look for a compost pail at the Goodwill Store to start making your own healthy soil! If you have yard space, create a compost pile outside to build rich dirt from your waste material. Not only will this decrease the amount of trash you send to the landfills, it will also minimize your output of methane.

Make an Earth-friendly utensil travel set from thrifted fabric and silverware. Get in the habit of carrying it around so you’ll never need to grab plastic silverware when you’re eating on the go!

Don’t reach for the heat when you’re cold! Instead of cranking the thermostat up when you’re cold, throw on an extra layer.  By changing this habit you’ll use fewer fossil fuels and create less pollution.

 So, what do you think? Are you up to this Earth Week challenge? Just focus on one habit each day and carry those forward with you through the rest of the year until it becomes your new routine!

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