Let The Accessible Gaming Begin

Often, I watch my 18-year-old nephew as he plays his PlayStation 5 and let me tell you, I am in aww on how well he can play. I also see the same excitement in my brother’s eyes at age 52 as he plays.

It’s apparent that gamers have no age limit; for many individuals love this activity.

Individuals with disabilities also love gaming and are apart of the gaming community. For some with disabilities to be able to enjoy this activity, it often takes accommodations. I’m happy because the gaming world of retailers has picked up on this about our community and is doing things to make gaming accessible and promote inclusion.

In doing my research, I’ve found that many gaming retailers are now offering adaptive gaming kits for people with physical disabilities.

As I mentioned in previous blog posts, I wish adaptive gaming kits would’ve existed when I was growing up back in the eighties. I loved playing my brother’s gaming systems. Although I did my own adapting to many joy sticks, like turning them upside down to be able to push buttons with my dominant hand, the adaptive gaming kit would’ve made my life a lot easier.


These days, if you have difficulties using your hands or cannot use them at all, you can still be a gamer with the use of adaptive gaming technology. The gaming assistive technology system has gotten so advanced, one can even play games by using their head, feet, and other parts of their body. That’s truly some cool stuff!

There are also ways people with disabilities can compete and play online like everyone else. Online gaming is a phenomenon! People enjoy not only competing, but this is also a great way to connect with people who share the same interest as you.

Playing online helps open inclusion. When playing online, no one is thinking about disabilities. Instead, most are just having fun doing something he or she loves.

I am hopeful for as I can see many in the gaming industry are taking steps to make sure people with disabilities enjoy this worldwide activity. Many in the industry are even hosting events to see what can be done to open even more possibilities. What makes me even happier is that people with disabilities are being invited to these events to share their insight.

Once again, I call this a win because I can see the world moving to full inclusion in yet another area.

As the holiday season approaches, and you begin searching for the perfect gift, remember there are options for gamers who have disabilities in your life.

With this I say, Game on my fellow gamers, game on!

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