Let’s Hear It For The BeyHive

Today’s blog topic comes from my friend, Melissa!

I have been a fan of many recording artists in my life including Prince, Michael Jackson, New Edition, and Whitney Houston.

Although a fan of many, I never joined anyone’s fan club. Instead, when I was younger, I would listen to my favorite artists’ music, repeatedly, driving my mother crazy and hanging pictures of them on my wall.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, everyone knows one of the biggest artists today is Beyounce. She’s an amazing recording artist who demands your undivided attention whenever she is present. To see her in concert is a dream come true for many; for not only does she show up, but she shows out.

Jon Hetherington, like I, is a super fan of Beyonce. He had been waiting to see her for 25 years and finally had the opportunity to do so after years of planning. Jon’s dream was finally about to come true by attending Beyounce’s well awaited and highly anticipated Renaissance Concert!

As many with disabilities know, when planning to do anything like attending a concert, it is a process. It’s even more time-consuming if the concert is in another state because one must make sure, or at least try, to get all the accessibilities in place.

Jon did his best crossing his t’s and dotting his i’s to make Queen Bee’s concert in Seattle but unfortunately, as I know all too well, you must expect the unexpected, especially when you’re traveling by plane.

But on the day Jon went to the airport to go to the concert, the airline gave him the gut-wrenching news; the plane couldn’t accommodate his electric wheelchair. Let that set in for a minute.

Telling someone who uses a wheelchair for mobility purposes that you can’t accommodate is like telling someone with dentures, you will have to throw your teeth away. The only difference is the person missing dentures can still eat soft food. A person missing their wheelchair is just stuck.

Jon was devastated and took to social media. That’s when the Beyhive took over.

Beyounce’s fan club called the Beyhive saw Jon’s post and managed to get his message to the artist’s representatives. In return, they manage to get him on another flight to see Queen Bee in Houston.

When He Missed a Beyoncé Concert, the Hive Went to Work – The New York Times (nytimes.com)

Although, I’m happy the Beyhive came to Jon’s rescue, it’s very unfortunate we live in a world that’s filled with this ableism attitude. Most who don’t have disabilities do not even give a second thought to matters dealing with everyday life that may hinder people with disabilities. It’s sad but true. I’m glad the Beyhive believes in inclusion for all. Do me a favor, the next time you plan something, think, can my friends with disabilities attend?
Thanks Beyhive! This song is just for you.


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  1. Mary Pfeil on

    Planning and planning and planning is definitely a reality for people with disabilities who want to do something big, important, exciting out of town. The super fan who ended up getting treated to a nice alternative concert is wonderful. I am glad caring people can band together and be super supportive when a great disappointment occurs. It’s true many people with disabilities have to manage many disappointments despite their efforts and people with disabilities have no clue how frustrating that can be.


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