Longshot Rich Strike Prevails

I love a longshot story because it usually tells the story about someone who is giving it all to win it all.

One of the biggest events in the world is the Kentucky Derby. People travel near and far to attend this annual event to see what four-legged beauty will take home the big prize. Usually, it’s the stallion that has the statuette pose and looks very strong.  Most cast their votes on this horse to cross the finish line first. Very seldom is it the one in the back, mostly in the shadows, that people don’t believe will win.

Humor me for a moment as I put myself in that horse’s shoes. I imagine horse, Rich Strike, was told by his owner last year, guest what, “I’m entering you in the Kentucky Derby”. Rich Strike probably said to himself, “why would you want to do something stupid like that”? Don’t get it twisted, Rich Strike could run but he wasn’t one of the popular horses instead, he just liked to chill, while grazing in the grass.

Although Rich Strike probably wasn’t interested at all in being entered in the race, something hit him when his owner said, by the way your odds are, 80 to 1.

Isn’t it funny that when odds are against you, is this when you try your best? I know there have been numerous times people have told me what they didn’t THINK I could do. When that happens, I go into competition mode. My favorite sister Peggy always says, she can tell when that mode has clicked on because she can see it in my eyes.

From this blog title, you probably know how this story ends, but just to add to the excitement, thought I’d let you know; Rich Strike’s owner entered him into the derby thirty minutes before the deadline.

Often, it’s just your time to win for it was just written in the stars, but it’s up to you to take that chance. We are so scared of failure that it can be paralyzing. I learned failure is good for it keeps you grounded. Failure also prepares you to succeed for you’re always thinking on how to Make Things Happen.

I imagine Rich Strike had a great night after he won.  It was probably filled with many treats, hugs, and massages, as he well deserved. He probably laughed to himself while thinking, I didn’t do too bad for a horse who had odds against him, 80 to 1.

In conclusion, let me encourage people who may think you’re not enough. People may think you’re a longshot, but in fact you’re a Winner. Everyone gets a chance, just wait for yours.

When the opportunity comes your way, just don’t show up, instead show out. Never let the odds dictate you from your greatness. Be like Rich Strike and cross the finish line first, accept your flowers and keep on chilling.

Congratulations to a longshot who’s now a winner! Enjoy the 2023 Kentucky Derby!

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