Lysandra Wilbert

“I feel like Goodwill is a good fit… I enjoy helping others and working with a great staff. I feel honored that Tom gave me the chance!” 
Lysandra Wilbert

Twenty-one year old Lysandra Wilbert came to Goodwill like many people feeling some anxiety. But, her goal was to secure long term, full-time employment.

Lysandra went through Goodwill’s WIOA Allen County youth program in Lima. While she tried several different career paths, including healthcare and hospitality, Lysandra soon realized that these areas were not in line with her personality and skills. Her apprehension and concern increased, as she tried to identify where she really fit in the work world.

Goodwill Lima staff helped her work on her job skills, boost her confidence levels and help her become comfortable stepping out of her comfort zone. After a couple months of job coaching and supportive services, Lysandra agreed to try a work experience opportunity in the retail world and she soon realized that this was a great match. Eventually, Lysandra was asked to bump up to full-time status due to her exceptional work.

Lysandra has conquered all her fears, accomplished her number one goal and is now employed full-time, making valuable contributions to her employer. Lucky for us, Lysandra works at own Allentown Road Goodwill retail store in Lima!

“Lysandra did a work experience for us and I was overly impressed how great of a job she did.” -Tom Hobbs, Allentown Road Store Manager

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