May is for Mental Health

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Today is Mental Health Awareness Day. It’s my honor and pleasure to introduce Aaron Troutman who’s serving as guest blogger and is also a Miracle Clubhouse Member. Miracle Clubhouse is a warm safe environment for those who are suffering with mental illness. The clubhouse assists people further their education, find employment and become socially engaged. Learn more about the Miracle Clubhouse today.


Miracle Clubhouse Guest Blogger for Mental Health Awareness Day – May 10, 2017

Before the Clubhouse, I had no place to go during the day, and I had no structure, and no interaction, and no quality of life. But for the past 5 plus years since the Clubhouse has been open I have all those things and my quality of life has gone way up as a result. Now I come to the Clubhouse 2 days a week and work the reception desk and it is a lot of fun. I interact with a lot of interesting people all day long and I have made some great friends at the Clubhouse. And to me the Clubhouse is a family.

Because of the stigma of mental illness, I have family who doesn’t have anything to do with me and the only family I have in Dayton is my mom, so the Clubhouse pretty much is my support system. At Clubhouse, we celebrate holidays together. We also have a Clubhouse van and we have a social each month and we take the van and go places together and we have a lot of fun. We have also had Clubhouse members get married, and we attended their wedding as a Clubhouse. Also we have had members die, and we attended the funerals as a Clubhouse.

I also enjoy getting to know the new members and hearing their stories. Everyone has a story and mentally ill people are some of the most interesting people I have ever met. The Clubhouse has also built me up, it has built up my self confidence and self esteem; they have both gone way up since I started attending. And I was taught that hope is the one thing necessary for recovery, and my hope has gone way up since I started attending. And I am the one who named the Clubhouse, “Miracle” and miracles happen at the Clubhouse on a regular basis, and In the 5 plus years that the Clubhouse has been opened I have seen a lot of miracles happen with the members.

The Clubhouse is a great program; it changes lives, it has changed my life. There is nothing else like it, and I don’t know where I would be at today without it.

Sincerely, Aaron Troutman

8 comments on “May is for Mental Health

  1. Monica Smoot on

    Powerful testimonial. I am absolutely fascinated more and more everyday about the good things I hear that Goodwill Easter Seals Miami Valley has made its Mission. . . to provide for several population segments who have been basically left out or forgotten in our communities. I wish I knew about these resources before I lost my dear family members due to Mental Health issues, however I will pass the positive reflections from the blog along. Inspired I am.

  2. Nancy Poeschl on

    Nicely done, Aaron. I love hearing your perspective, as you have one of the longest tenures as a member. It’s an honor and privilege to know you!

  3. Jim Serianni on

    I have known Aaron since before he was school age, Even though I was in CA and he in Ohio, we would see each other when I would return home to Dayton for the Holidays and other occasions. Aaron was always accomplished during high school and college, but the onset of Autism changed the trajectory of his life in unbelievably difficult ways, His persistence and willingness to fight for himself have prevailed over almost unimaginable odds. In recent years, there has been noticeable growth in his communication and socialization skills, in my opinion. I also feel like the quality of his life and his purpose for living are more manifest. Clubhouse, his Belief in God, and the incredible, never yielding love of his Mother give him strength. She is a Saint. Clubhouse is a “Miracle”. He is my Hero.

  4. Jim Serianni on

    I am Aaron’s friend and I am 86 years old. Aaron and I often tease that he is my “boyfriend”. I lost a son who, in many ways reminds me of Aaron. Both Mike and Aaron faced extreme difficulties and each, in his own way lived a life that touched others deeply. I am so very proud of Aaron. His mom, Linda, is my friend. She and I have so very much in common with our sons. She is like a sister to me. I love them both so very much. Keep going, Aaron, your Florida family loves you. Sharlene Frame

  5. Michael DTurner on

    Aaron, thanks for sharing your story and helping reduce stigma of mental health and showing that their is hope for all who deal with a mental health diagnosis.

  6. Amy Rollins on

    Aaron, I am fortunate to read your inspirational words about Miracle Clubhouse. You are so important to the success of the Clubhouse, and you contribute so much! Thank you for your candor — you are giving people hope. Most of all, thank you for being a founder of the organization and an integral part of everything. I value your friendship and always enjoy being with you. Thank you, Good Man!


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