Spring In

Are you ready for longer days, blooming flowers and nice weather? Spring time is upon us and it’s time for changes and fun!

Spring time is the time when many things become born again. Think about it. Crops begin to sprout from the earth due to warmth of the season, hints of potatoes, beans and corn start breaking out of the ground and trees begin presenting leaves of different sizes and beautiful colors for us to enjoy.

Question…if spring brings about this wonder to the world, why can’t it do the same for you? I know there’s a change you probably would like to make. Have you ever thought about changing your hair color, learning ballroom dancing, taking a cooking class or learning a new language? Spring is a great time for something new.

Perhaps, there’s a home project you actually started or wanted to, such as painting the kitchen, turning a spare room into a den or building a garage.  But, you never got around to finishing it.  There’s no time like springtime to get these projects accomplished.

Spring is also a good time to work on you. Winter can often put people in the dumps. The fact that days are shorter during the winter season and sunlight disappears in early evenings makes some people sad. Spring brings longer days of natural sunlight so people can get out and enjoy activities such as exploring nature.

The spring season is also a great time to get a new wardrobe filled with bright colors. Bright colors put me in a mood of happiness. This time of the year you will find me in colors like orange, pink and yellow. This spring, experiment with different colors of the rainbow. You may find green or lavender make your beautiful eyes even more colorful. (Don’t forget to visit your local Goodwill Store for affordable, colorful fashions this spring.)  Give the browns, black and grays a break. You’ll have plenty of time to come back to them when fall returns.

Finally, one of the best things about spring is, it’s time to start planning or going on vacations. This warm weather just makes people want to get in the wind. Jump in the car, put the windows down, crank up the music and take a road trip somewhere. Road trips are fun because the scenery of the U.S. this time of the year is amazing. Whether you are going somewhere tropical like Hawaii or somewhere country like the Smokey Mountains of Tennessee, there’s no time like spring to get away.

Hope you will take the glorious season of spring to get a new lease on life. Life is what you make it and I know spring is going to be fun and full of changes for me as I Make Things Happen.

6 comments on “Spring In

  1. Sheri Horsley RN - DD Dept. on

    Shari, I enjoyed your article on Spring. Really gets us thinking what we can do to make things different, and exciting and fun in our lives.

  2. Karrie Watson on

    This is awesome….I kind of think of Spring as literally a “spring” to help me get into something new….go for the gusto, jump for it, git-r-done! Reading your blog really made me realize that I wear a lot of black and brown clothes. It’s now time to “Spring” out of those colors and get some bright colorful colors.(maybe to help bring out my eyes our more). Thank you Shari for your inspiration!


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