Marines To The Rescue

A few months back when a senior citizen’s living facility caught on fire, it was the Marines to the rescue.

The Marines saw the smoking building from their outpost, which was a 100 yards away. Without giving it a second thought, the Marines ran over to help people get out of the building. They were warned about the dangers of going into the building but they jumped into action anyway; guess you can say their training kicked in. Comes to show, it doesn’t matter what kind of danger occurs, when someone is in need, the Marine’s come to the rescue.

The Washington DC apartment complex that was burning, housed 190 residents, some who weren’t able to walk. I lived in a senior/disability apartment complex for 15 years before I bought my house.  I always wondered what would happen if it were to catch on fire. Luckily, it didn’t and the fact that I lived on the first floor in the very first unit, kind of eased my mind. I know my get out plan was doable but what about my neighbors on the second and third floor, especially the ones who were in wheelchairs and the others who couldn’t walk well?

That whole scenario always bothered me. I still think it’s not a good idea for people who have mobility issues to live on the second and third floor.  They should always be on the first floor for easy accessibility.

This story does have a happy ending, all residents made it out.

As I think back to my days in my apartment, although skeptical about what would happen if it caught fire; I am reminded there’s always someone in the midst that’s willing and waiting to help others, like the Marines.

There are so many bad things being reported on the news but when I see stories as this, it gives me hope for a better tomorrow.  I’m one who doesn’t believe in chance. I do however, believe in divine intervention. When something happens and there are people in the vicinity able to help, it’s because they were placed there by someone that has much more power than you or I.  I was once told; “Many hands make light work”.

I wanted to share this story because as we prepare for Thanksgiving, we should always be grateful and think about what we can do to help others.  Hopefully, others will learn from your good gesture and follow your lead. Life is much more fulfilling when you give; take a lesson from the Marines, when you find people in need, just do it.

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