MC SCOOP Celebrating Developmental Disability Awareness Month

While the world prepares to celebrate Developmental Disability Awareness in March, I’m preparing to once again emcee Ohio’s Developmental Disability Awareness & Advocacy Day Event!

As I mentioned in previous posts, the unique event which takes place in Columbus, Ohio at the statehouse is a hour long program where selected advocates, directors of disabilities related organizations, and elected legislator officials take to the podium to share accomplishments, advocacy affords, and plans for the future to assist Ohioans with disabilities.

It’s an amazing event and every year registration fills to compacity. If you are one that missed registration, you’re in luck because the program will be streaming live on the Ohio Channel, March 1, 2023 at 10am. Click the link below to tune in.

I’m honored to emcee this amazing event for the ninth time.

Celebrating Developmental Disability Awareness Month means a lot to me. Often the prediction for an individual with a disability, isn’t all that positive. If one with a disability doesn’t possess self-determination, the negative vibes can really take over. For instance, when I was first approached eight years ago about serving as emcee for the DD Awareness and Advocacy Day Event, a few thought I wouldn’t be suitable, due to my speech impairment.

I must admit, the negativity kind of shook me at first. Then I started thinking about all the other things the grapevine thought I wouldn’t be capable of doing, like going to college, obtaining a degree, becoming VP of a national advocacy organization, becoming gainfully employed, driving, living independently, finding loving, and so on. When people doubt my capabilities, it makes me even more determined to do my best which usually turns out great.

Emceeing was not on my vision board but I’m so happy it chose me because it solidified something I already knew and that’s, All Things Are Possible.

Because of my emceeing gig, many great opportunities have come my way. It truly has me wanting to be the first person that I know of with a disability to host a talk show. How does Shari Talk sound to you? I’m throwing it out into the universe.

I’ve done many things that I’m proud of in my life and emceeing this unique event is in my top ten. What I love the most about emceeing is, when I give the energy to the crowd, they in return give it right back, which makes for a great start to the day.

I’m so ready for this amazing event and it’s a great way to start-off Disability Awareness Month. If you happen to be there, come say hi to me, MC Scoop, and let’s celebrate together.

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