Meet Dale


When Dale was recently released from prison after serving 12 years, life was completely overwhelming. “I just got out of prison and was living in independent housing for ex-offenders. I had 90 days to get a job and had no access to information. I couldn’t even find a phone book. I wore blisters on my feet walking up and down Main Street, trying to find a job,” Dale said earnestly. At this point he was very uncertain about his future. He really didn’t know where or who to turn to. “You have to find your own way and who can help you and that can be a very lonely place.”

Dale was referred to Goodwill Easterseals Miami Valley Program,  Miami Valley Works,  but was skeptical. “There were a lot of broken promises and I saw other guys go through programs that didn’t help them. I just knew I had to do things myself,” he continued. “I had my bad days. I was depressed and I was coming from a bad place. I was trying to move forward, but it just seemed that I was beating the streets. When I got to Miami Valley Works, even with a past record I saw right away that the people there were not judging me from what I had done. They took the time to see me.”

Dale attended the Miami Valley Works orientation and week-long workshop with dedication. “I learned a lot of things I didn’t expect to. I was glad I learned how to interview better and was given the opportunity to have conversations with real professionals during the mock interview process,” he said gratefully. With the help of his Miami Valley Works Placement Coach he got a job his first week out. He’s been at that job for almost a year and is even up for a third raise in pay. “Miami Valley Works helped me with new tools and a new confidence to get where I am now.”

“Life now is much more encouraging, and it’s actually exciting again. I can see a little bit of light, which has really changed my life. With the help here from the team at Miami Valley Works, life has gotten a lot better. The Miami Valley Works people are here to help and they’re sincere about that – and the program really does work,” Dale said contentedly.

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