Misuse of Medications and its Consequences

The Prevention Team at Goodwill Easter Seals Miami Valley wants to encourage you to be safe with your prescription medications.  Prescription medications play an essential role in our medication treatment.  Medications can help us to lead longer and healthier lives.  Many illnesses can be cured or prevented that were once fatal.  Medications can help us lead longer and healthier lives as long all directions are followed including following the directions and not taking more than prescribed and working closely with our medical teams.

The misuse of medications has become a serious public health concern.  Misuse of medications includes: sharing or taking someone else’s medication, taking more than prescribed, and saving medication to take it for a different reason than prescribed.   Individuals who misuse medications might experience a variety of:

  1. Health consequences
  2. Social consequences
  3. Legal consequences

YOU are able to avoid experiencing these negative consequences by always following safe medication behaviors including asking your physician and pharmacist questions about new medications, looking for alternatives to opioid medications to manage pain, or working with a physical therapist to manage pain. Visit Generation RX’s  website to learn more about the health, social and legal consequences They have many great resources to share  https://generationrx.org/learn/understand-the-issue/


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