Mother’s Tales Happy Mother’s Day

This Sunday is Mother’s Day. Mothers are special; they are our soft place to fall when we have made bad decisions and warden when we need to straighten up.

Not only is my mother my parent, she’s also my best friend. She did everything within her power to make sure all of her children had a good life. She has, and always will, look after me. Even when I haven’t seen her for a few days and I assure her I’m ok, she won’t stop until she comes over to see me.  My mom’s so special, my dog Tiny, even goes crazy when she pulls into my driveway. Tiny knows her as Granny.

One of my best memories with my mom is when I turned sixteen; I wanted to learn how to drive. I brought this to my mom’s attention; she looked as if she was going to pass out!  She was not on board at all and gave me the business about why this was an unrealistic goal. To her point, all the reasons on why I shouldn’t try were valid, but I just had to give it all I had.

I decided to take a class in High School that was offered to students; it was called driver-education.  Yes, I signed up to take it even though my Mom was highly against it. Learning the driving laws was not a problem and the driving simulator tests were a breeze.  Then it was time to drive on the road and I didn’t do too badly.  After a few times out, my driving instructor, Mr. Bill, requested a parent teacher conference with my mom. He expressed that I wasn’t a bad driver and would probably be able to drive around the neighborhood.  He did say there would need to be a licensed driver in the car with me at all times. Mr. Bill believed I would probably never get my licenses.  Although it was apparent my mom was sad for me, I could tell she was relieved.  She was glad Mr. Bill, a professional driver instructor, gave me his diagnoses; for sure I would have to heed to his analyses?

Well, I usually don’t give up that easily!

I finally passed and received my driver’s license.  It took a lot of practice and testing, but I accomplished my goal.  It was twenty something years ago, so I guess Mr. Bill was wrong.  Now I drive mom and myself to the store (that’s not around the corner), church, and to get ice-cream. As we sit and enjoy our treat, she often says, “I didn’t think you were going to be able to drive, but I’m glad I was wrong, I’m proud of you.” My response to her is always, “thanks mom, to be honest, I wasn’t sure either.”

Although my mom wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to drive, she still stuck by my side. Moms are the salt of the earth. I believe they were put on earth to anchor things good or bad.

This Mother’s Day, whether your mom is here in the physical or in your heart, celebrate by telling someone a story or tale that celebrates HER.  Happy Mother’s Day to all moms, near and far.

5 comments on “Mother’s Tales Happy Mother’s Day

  1. john ROmer on

    beautiful words Shari as always – this will be my third Mother’s Day since my dear Mother passed in 2106 – and now that I am 63, I was blessed to have her in my life for 60 years! I really also owe my 40 year career, which I have dearly loved to my Mom also. When her 7th child went to Kindergarten, she returned to college and earned her Master of Education degree in Special Ed. Then she taught pre-school for little ones with disabilities – and her class was run by the county, but was at a church where there were other typical children as well. I began my work as a teenage volunteer in her classroom, playing Santa at the holidays among other activities. I also remember you and your mother as well, and know the very close bond you share. I know she is very proud of you and all you have done – justifiably so! Blessings, John

  2. Jerome Haney on

    It was 20 yrs ago this Mother’s Day that my second brother was her visiting for Mother’s Day and what was to be joyful(yet it was)turned into sadness. It was our last Mother’s Day with her. Our mom was taken by EMT to MVH, and she never returned home to us. My mom then begin the transition to her original elements, passing from this earthly adobe that following August; thirty days after her seventies birthday. I never allow myself to grieve about not having her, because I let her go, so that I would still have her. Sounds contradicting to some, but it was how I dealt with it. There are times when I say, “ooh I am acting just like my mother.” I also pull rank sometimes with my son and daughter and grandkids just like she did. This what she would say, “Well I am the Momma.” That mean the game was over and she had won. 🙂 What’s they owe saying, “If Momma not happy, no one is happy.” 🙂 Thank you for allowing me to share. A most blessed and beautiful “Happy Mother’s Day” to all that are reading your blog and the responses.


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