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Stars in Hollywood are coming forward to tell the world they’re battling Multiple Sclerosis (MS).

Often, you never hear about those living with a disability until it hits Hollywood status. I along with many of my friends have been living with disabilities since day one. Having disabilities are just a part of who we are. Seems as if only when a disability affects someone in Hollywood, then it becomes important to media and the awareness is brought to the forefront.

Actress Selma Blair who’s best known for her role in the movie Cruel Intentions, confessed, she’s battling MS. In a television interview, Blair who’s 46, told Good Morning America’s Robin Roberts of her struggles dealing with the debilitating disease. Selma’s struggles include stumbling and getting fatigued easily.  You could hear, as she was speaking, MS has affected her speech.

Jamie Lynn Sigler is another star that came forward to say she has MS. Jamie is best known for her role in the television drama, The Sopranos. Jamie who was diagnosed at age twenty-two wasn’t at all comfortable with sharing her disability; she tried to cover it up for many years.  In an Entertainment Tonight interview, Sigler spoke of how she came clean about her disability to her follow co-star James Gandolfini.  James witnessed her struggle with the disability. Sigler says Gandolfini was always supportive after learning.

Both Blair and Sigler are mothers and vow not to let MS stop them from being the best mothers they can be.  The actresses both say “besides being stars, motherhood is the most rewarding.”

One of the first stars I remember coming forth about their MS was comedian Richard Pryor. Although his disability was brought to light, I can’t remember him really discussing it in the public. I believe pride and prejudice plays a role into rather you want to disclaim a disability. How one chooses to deal with the disability is a personal decision.

I do believe because of these two women and their star power, more doors will open to experimental \treatments and other alternative medicine.  Unfortunately, I do not know if the two women confessing their situation will help benefit the typical everyday person battling MS. As we all know, the world runs off of money, which makes me think, if there were new treatments offered to help enhance the life of one who has MS, would he or she be able to afford it?

Glad Selma and Jamie came forward. Just hope their efforts in bringing awareness to MS will help everyone.

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  1. Jerome Haney on

    Thanks for sharing, I most recently celebrated with the family of friend who had MS, Homecoming. Like you Shari, she didn’t allow her disability to get in her way of the success that was all planned for her before the foundation of this earth. Keep up the good work.


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