My Life According to Basketball

A few months ago, I compared my life to the game of football. But now, since we’re amid basketball season and I love them Dayton Flyers and Cleveland Cavalries, let’s compare how my life pans out when it comes to basketball.

Throughout my life I’ve been Fouled on by many. Unfortunately, we live in a world where many discriminate against people who they deem different. The disability community unfortunately hears this call a lot. When fouled by the world, it causes my life to be in disarray. A perfect example of being fouled is when my paratransit ride shows up early to pick me up from a doctor’s appointment and then leaves me, because I am not finished with my appointment. As a result, you get a no show and if you get three no shows, you can’t ride for three weeks. Dude, this is not my fault, but I must suffer the consequences of no transportation. Excuse my language, but that just sucks.

It always amuses me when I’m called for Traveling. As you all know, I use a cute little red scooter (Cherry) for mobility purposes. Often, I’m just trying to get where I need to go and yes, well, I do have a serious need for speed. When in my go-go mode, I do not think about stopping on my way to my destination (especially if I’m going to the restroom); just like a baller, I don’t have time to be thinking of bouncing a ball to get to the basket. Our eyes are on the prize which sometimes results in a traveling penalty.

Often, when I am feeling confident about something, I’ll drop back like Stephen Curry and throw­-up a Three-Pointer. I don’t do this too often because it’s a risky shot. But when it comes to something, I know I’m good at, such as the ability to advocate for something that I know is my God given right, I go hard to the paint.

Free Throws are so much fun because no one is defending you. In life when people try to foul me by doing something that is unjust, I think I deserve a few free throws. I always try to make the best of this call because I don’t get too many. Free throws didn’t work out all that great for NBA’s, Shaq, but at lease he tried. Plus, he’s known as one of the best to ever play the game. Take your free throws because one day a ball is going to go in.

When my life becomes discombobulated, I compare it to when there’s a Jump Ball. When this call comes into play, this is a time for a do-over. Everyone could use one of these.

Finally, my favorite call is, Nothing But Net. There’s nothing wrong with being confident if you don’t let it go to your head. Everyone’s good at something. When using your gift, it’s ok to shoot the shot that doesn’t hit the backboard or rim. Just sit back and watch it go straight in and be proud of yourself.

Basketball is a great game and I’m so happy I had a chance to compare my life to it. I must send a shout-out to my Super Cooper Brother, Jay. Who would’ve ever thought hanging out with him in my teens watching basketball would assist me in my position as, Blogger-in-Chief? The universe has a way bringing things full circle and I’m glad it does because writing this was, fun!

4 comments on “My Life According to Basketball

  1. Mac Davis on

    Hey Shari! What a beautiful article! Your metaphors are spot on! I can especially relate because as you know I was a basketball player in high school and college and I continue to be a fan. I love your advocacy and resolve as well as the insightful and thought-provoking commentary. Keep up the great work you’re doing and give my love to the family.

    Your Cousin Mac

    • Shari Cooper on

      Hey Cousin Mac!
      I’m so happy you enjoyed this post. And yes, I heard you were a great baller in your days. I’ll be sure to give the Super Coopers your love. Thanks, for supporting the blog and talk to you soon.
      Love you bunches!

    • Shari Cooper on

      Hey Mary Ellen!
      Thanks, for the comment! I’d love for you to serve as guest-blogger in the upcoming year for you’re an amazing advocate. Stay tune for I’ll be reaching out to you in the near future.


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