My Put-In-Bay Adventure

Last weekend my favorite guy and I had a great adventure on the island of Put-In-Bay.

I heard a lot about this unique island, so I decided to go see for myself what all the hype was about. Like with everywhere I go, I did my homework on activities, restaurants, and accessibility challenges that I may encounter. After that, I was off and ready to go.

Since Put-In-Bay is an island, you must take a ferry to get there. At first, I was kind of nervous. I kept thinking about the movie Jaws, and since I am unable to swim, this didn’t help my situation. But to my surprise, the ferry wasn’t that bad. It was fun, interesting, and very accessible. I had never ridden a ferry, so I was very excited.  It was interesting seeing vehicles and pedestrians board at the same time to go over to the island.

All went well until I got to the mainland and learned there was no accessible transportation on the island.  This was a problem because I needed transportation to go to my downtown hotel. It would be a ten-minute ride in a vehicle, but thirty minutes if we walked. I think it probably would have been longer, given that I had to tug along my luggage and the life of my scooter’s battery may not have made it the entire way. As you know, my saying is, Make Things Happen, and that’s what I did.  I walked up the steps of a bus with assistance from my favorite guy, and the driver threw my scooter in the back. Sometimes, you must do what you got to do! On a side note, if your unable to do steps, I’d highly suggest boarding your vehicle on the ferry to assure you have your own accessible transportation.

The hotel we stayed at was, very accessible, smack dab in the middle of the happenings.

As I strolled around, I took in all that the downtown had to offer which included, shopping, eating, chilling in the park, and an exuberating night life. If you like live music, Put-In-Bay is the place to go. I got my party on from the songs of Bruno Mars to Garth Brooks! Bet you didn’t know your girl was a little bit country, and I’m a little bit rock and roll.

I was having a blast that first night, but then, they came out! Who are they? The May Flies which seem to be a billion seasonal bugs that land everywhere, including on me. They truly creeped me out and although I’ll plan to go back to the island, I’ll do my homework on when they won’t be there.

By far the best activity I embarked on was the hotel pool party. The dance music was great, and the atmosphere was as the young say, lit!

Although, the transportation issue was a bear, I still had a great time. You may ask yourself, why I didn’t go into advocate mode. Truth be told, I’m always in advocate mode, but sometimes advocates just want to be in vacation fun mode, and not deal with the ignorance of the world when it comes to people with disabilities and accessibility. As I’m back and thinking about it, I’m mulling-over what I can do to bring awareness about a change to the issue. But it just wasn’t the time while I was on vacation.

Put-In-Bay was fun, and I tried to take all of it in. I’m sure I missed a lot so therefore I must return. For that being my first time there, I give it a very high B+.

4 comments on “My Put-In-Bay Adventure

  1. Monae Dawson on

    Shari as I reminisce on my adventures in Put-In-Bay (gave it a C+), I’d say you “hit the nail on the head.” The Ferry ride was beyond peaceful, not to mention the breeze that was a God sent. My Father and I took lots of pictures. When you realize there’s nothing holding you back but, you…life seems worth the risks. I want to give you your flowers now and say well done. There’s ambition and drive from the voice of your posts. In my minds eye I can visualize you in the moment and literally laugh out loud. Once you’ve had the opportunity to re-evaluate the trip and how it’d be beneficial to consider everyone’s accessibility, I know Put-In-Bay will be a changed place for the better.

  2. Mary Pfeil on

    Hi Shari!

    I enjoyed my visit to Put in Bay in 2008! I must have taken my van over there on the ferry, so I was not aware of the inaccessibility of island transportation. I agree that even strong advocates have to remove their advocacy hat to just plain have fun. As humans, we are all entitled to a break from our lives! I still have the butterfly mugs I bought there.


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