Pay It Forward

I’ve heard the saying, “Pay It Forward” many times but until it happens to you, you never know the emotional joy that goes along with the actual act itself.

Texas Roadhouse is one of my favorite restaurants. For those who have already been there, you’ll understand my obsession with the buttery yeast rolls that melt in your mouth, crunchy delicious salad, tender well-done steaks and ribs that fall off the bone.

After church my fellow Darryl and I, decided we would have dinner at Texas Roadhouse. What’s so ironic is that we had just listened to my pastor, Pastor Rodney Cranford of First Baptist Church of Ridgewood Heights, deliver a sermon entitled, “I Am”. Pastor Cranford emphasized during his sermon that, “I am a child of the king and all he wants to do is bless you.” Needless to say, I left church feeling very uplifted.

As we pulled into the parking lot we noticed it was full. This was no surprise, because Texas Roadhouse is always packed. The food is just that good. To our surprise, once we got into the restaurant, it took about ten minutes to get a table.

We were seated in a very cozy corner section at a table that was easy for me to adjust my scooter. As I looked around, I saw four booths and one other table. The people around us all seemed to be enjoying their meals and Darryl and I were ready to partake in the joy, too.

When the waiter came, I ordered my usual, the sirloin and rib combo, baked potato and salad. Darryl followed ordering the ribeye and shrimp combo, loaded mashed potatoes and green beans. Our food arrived in about fifteen minutes and it was delicious. My brain always tricks my stomach into thinking I can finish all my food but I never do. I get a to-go box every time. Darryl on the other hand showed no mercy on his food. He can eat!

As we finished up our meal, we were baffled at how long it was taking the waiter to come check on us. He had been doing so well up to this point. When he finally did come, I asked him for box and Darryl asked if he would bring the check. The waiter then responded by telling Darryl and I the check had been taken care of.  We both said, “Huh”? And the waiter once again gave us the same response. When we asked who picked up our check, the waiter said the person wanted to remain anonymous.

I still wonder who was kind of enough to pay our dinner tab? Could it have been the little old lady having dinner by herself or the couple in the booth across from us? Whoever it was, “THANK YOU.” Your kindness was very much appreciated and we will be paying it forward to someone in the near future. I sure do like being a child of the king because blessings are wonderful and appreciated. The world would be so much nicer if everyone “Paid It Forward.”

16 comments on “Pay It Forward

  1. Cheryl Wood on

    Thank you Shari! This reminds me of the MANY people who’ve been a blessing and Paid it Forward for me. Have a Wonderful Day!

  2. April Davis on

    Thanks Shari! This too reminds me of the many times someone has blessed me at a drive-thru and I too have replicated from time to time, but it also, reminds us that we can pay it forward in many ways: smiling, saying hello, asking how a person is and then listening, etc. The list can go on and on, because you never know what a person needs that day and every act of kindness/blessing comes from God… Amen

  3. Dawn Bixler on

    You are very blessed Shari! Keep paying it forward and it will become second nature. After all, it really isn’t our money in the first place!

  4. Karrie Watson on

    Shari, I am one of those who “pay it forward” every week. (sometimes several times in a week) I will grab a quick sandwich or drink from a drive-thru and will pay for the order behind me. To “pay it forward” gives you a great feeling as well. It’s always nice to see the faces of those who have the chance to have someone “pay it forward” for them. I think people need to know that “paying it forward” doesn’t have to be with money. Just a simple “act of kindness” is just as rewarding. My boys and I have been “paying it forward” every since my late husband passed. I remember one time when my son was working for a moving company and he was moving an elderly lady. While the movers were there with the home health aide the elderly lady had fallen and ended up breaking her hip. The movers said they’d just put everything in her garage and when she came home she could have someone move the furniture and boxes into her house. My son didn’t like that idea, he wanted to move at least her couch, TV, and bed into the house. The other movers bickered because they were not doing more than what they needed to because there would be no benefit, or tip. So my son started doing it himself – which was taking too long. So the other movers started helping and continued with the bickering. When my son came home he was upset because he didn’t understand why they didn’t want to move her things. It made him feel real good to know that when she would come home she’d have her couch, TV and bed already in the house. Sometimes at home we will refer to “paying it forward” as “the Watson way”. Yes – we all need to bring more kindness into this world – for sure!


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