Proud Disabilitian Disability Pride Month

One definition of the word pride is consciousness of one’s own dignity.

Given the definition, I’m happy to say, I’m a proud African American, Ohioan, and a Disabilitian. I know Disabilitian isn’t a word, but it is now in my book.

As I celebrate July, Disability Pride Month, I think about what my disability has taught me. I can’t help but be filled with pride. If it wasn’t for this gift I received, I would not be who I am and be able to show others all the things I can do, despite my disability. I truly wouldn’t be the woman I am.

You are probably wondering why I refer to my disability as a gift.

The way I see it, everyone is going to have a disability before leaving this earth. Disabilities do not discriminate no matter a person’s gender, race, or creed.

In my eyes, it’s how I have managed to deal with my disability.  It is how I live, learn, teach, and be ok with myself.

By no means is living with a disability a bed of roses. I have moments of frustration, anger, and sadness. Although these feelings sometimes damper my spirit; I still will stop and smell the roses, because that bed of roses, smell so darn good.

When you stop to take in the aroma of how good roses smell, it instantly brings a smile to people’s faces. Roses also bloom to become large and in charge to form beautiful arrangements for all to see, just like my amazing disability community.

No matter what stage of life I’ve been in, I have always known I could count on my community to support and comfort me. Often, when no one else understands what I’m going through, my group does. Plus, there is nothing better than tackling a situation that someone in your community can say, been there, done that, who can give advice to you on how to handle it.

My community also has a beautiful zest for life “with an I got it theme, that’s just undeniable.”

As we celebrate this month, remember, people with disabilities don’t inspire to be your inspiration. Instead let us motivate you to help move the world into full inclusion by hiring people with disabilities, making your establishments accessible, creating universal bathrooms, making accessible vans more affordable, welcoming service dogs and much more.

My favorite song is Sly and the Family Stones’ Everyday People. Every time I hear this song, I think about my amazing community for it represents who we are.

Although I celebrate disability pride every day, I’m happy there’s a month to showcase to the world our awesomeness. I’m feeling so good right now, so I am going to go celebrate my new word Disabilitian and get my party on to Everyday People! You’re welcome to join in.

4 comments on “Proud Disabilitian Disability Pride Month

  1. Jerome Haney on

    Shari what a wonderful job you have done, as usual. I truly enjoyed the part about smelling the roses. While I am not all that into flowers, (I do like wildflowers) is a smart thing to do, “Stop and smell the roses.” I also remember Sly and Family Stone’s “Everyday People.” 🙂

  2. Gussie Jones on

    A great article – as always. AND I love the creation of a new word!
    Take care. Enjoy the rest of teh summer.


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