Quality of Life Means More Than Just Taking Meds

Having a quality of life probably means more to me than you could ever know. I want it all from work, love, family, house, accessible van to enjoying life’s exciting activities. After all, I may have a disability but by no means am I dead!

Sometimes people just focus on a person’s disability and making sure the daily living activities are accomplished, such as;  did he or she make it out of bed, use the restroom, eat and take their meds. Believe it or not, we want more than just the necessities of life.  As a matter of fact, people with disabilities want quality of life just like everyone else. Some things may have to be adapted for us to experience what life has to offer, but if you think about it, often everyone’s life has to be adapted in some way or another.

I was prompted to share my thoughts on this topic after reading about a woman named Angela Peters.  Angela was denied services at a nail salon inside of a Walmart because her hands were not stable due to her cerebral palsy. Hate to admit it, but just like Angela, I too have been turned away from nail salons for that same exact reason.

It’s a very embarrassing situation to be told why you can’t receive a service you’re willing to pay for, especially when there are on-lookers.

After hearing all the commotion, a Walmart cashier, Ebony Harris asked Angela if she could paint her nails. Ebony wasn’t looking for attention when she and Angela set up a table at the Subway inside the store. And, it certainly wasn’t her fault this action was caught on video by a worker and went viral. I’m glad it did.  It helped showcase some of the things people with disabilities want and really need.  It’s also great to see that there are good people who are willing to assist.

Now, I have heard a few negative comments about this story being more about someone pitying a person with a disability, but I’m going to look at it has an act of random kindness.  I wish more people in the world had a heart and patience like Ebony.  This way, I wouldn’t have to search high and low to receive beauty services that I’m willing to pay for. Perhaps, people will begin to see; those with disabilities want quality of life which includes more than just day-to-day functional activities and taking meds.

Matter fact, if anyone desires to paint my nails, call a sista up. I’ll spread the word about your act of kindness because we all deserve to have pretty nails and everything else!

Check out the Angela’s story at the link below.


14 comments on “Quality of Life Means More Than Just Taking Meds

  1. Dave Burrows on

    I am so tired of people accusing people that do good things of wanting attention. By gosh, most people want to do good and help others. We work in a building full of people like this. The people that say pity or negative things are the ones that need help. I have painted the nails of my daughters and wife and I will paint your nails anytime Shari!

  2. Amanda Williams on

    I have not seen that story Shari, but what an awesome thing for a stranger to step up and do! I love painting my daughters nails and would paint yours anytime you’d like! I have some bright pink that I think you’d rock! Thanks for sharing the story.

  3. DJ Mel on

    I think what Ms. Harris did for Angela was outstanding. My comments regarding the video was more about other people who try to make it a form of “inspiration pr0n,” where it’s looked at as “see the able-bodied person doing this selfless, amazing thing for someone who is disabled!! Wow, isn’t she a hero?” Thereby reducing Angela’s part in this to a helpless onlooker.

    I appreciate being reminded of simple human kindness, and it makes me wanna scream that you experienced the same discrimination, Shari. <3

  4. Jessica Blimbaum on

    Love this blog Shari. There are times in my past when I should have stepped in to help someone but I didn’t because I feared that would think that I pity them when instead I just want to help. I don’t want to step on anyone’s toes. Now, I always offer and don’t take offense if someone doesn’t want my help. You reminded me to keep offering because you never know! Also – I would LOVE to paint your nails. I am 1 of 3 sisters so we always have nail painting parties 🙂


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