Rocking The Runway

To be a model, one must have confidence, especially if he or she wants to walk the runway.

Dreams such as becoming a model can often be deterred if you have a disability. Many in the modeling industry are beautiful or have a unique look. The world doesn’t often associate the word disability and beautiful in the same sentence. Does the world not see people with disabilities as beautiful? If not, they should, because we are beautiful inside and out. Persons with disabilities are breaking through many barriers and should be accepted in the modeling industry. Sofia Jirua is doing just that and is becoming a top model.

Sofia, who’s a Latina model with down syndrome, just broke stereotypes by slaying the runway at New York Fashion Week modeling for designer, Marisa Santiago.

Sofia had always dreamed of being a model and although she has a disability, she never gave up on her dream. Becoming a model had been Sofia’s dream since she was a little girl. Through hard work and determination, she made it to the biggest fashion week in the world.  Sofia was able to show everyone that she has the IT factor, and no one can deny her or her talents.

Often, when you tell people your dreams, they shoot them down. Why is that? Sad to say, but most are taught to look at life in a as is state. Have you ever purchased a car and the ad said, “as is”? This means what you see, is what you get.  If I would have settled at looking at my life for what it is and not at what it could be, I truly wouldn’t be doing anything. One great thing about looking at what it could be is sometimes you keep working on something or even yourself.  As time goes on something begins to work and before you know it, things will start moving in your favor, which means, it’s go time. Just like that as is car, when I get the stuff and support I need, I’ll run forever. This same scenario applies to many with disabilities like, Sofia.

It always helps when you have a team of people who believe in your dream as much as you do and will assist in making that dream come true. Thanks to Sofia’s volunteer logistics team, modeling is a reachable outcome.

What makes this story even better, Sofia’s family is from Puerto Rico and they flew in to witness her debut. It’s always great to have your family by your side to see you accomplish your dream, for they have been there from day one, rooting you on.

Not only is Sofia now a known model, she also has a clothing and accessories line. Sofia is a real boss lady. I’m glad she’s breaking barriers in the modeling industry. With her paving the way, more models with disabilities will get the opportunity to rock the runway and for that, I say, Thanks Sofia!

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