Second Lease On Life

Sometimes in life, you’re not always given a second chance, but if you do get one, take advantage of it.  Often when there seems to be no way out, an opportunity is there to give you that new lease on life.

We often think of just humans getting second chances at life, but there are times an animal receives the same opportunity.  Just like Sadie, a german shepard dog who was at the “last resort shelter”.  She had many issues which included aggression, especially towards men. As a result, no one wanted her; but I am a firm believer that there’s someone for everybody and this holds true for Sadie as well.

Sadie found her person in a man named, Brian Myers. Although Brian was informed of Sadie’s story, he was intrigued and after seeing her, had to have her.  Just like I did with my dog Tiny.  By the way, Tiny is not so tiny.  She is a rottweiler and quite large.

My dog Tiny is very fond of me, but I must admit she’s not greetable to the common person. On the other hand, if she likes you, she’s a big ball of mush. Tiny knows I have a disability and is very gentle, yet protective of me. She’s truly my big girl and I love her very much. Tiny found her person in me.

Tiny is very aware of my disability. When I go to stand, she’s right there by my side. If I’m in the restroom and she hears a thump, my big girl comes a running to find me and if I’m out of her sight for long, she comes to hunt me down. She needs to know I’m ok or it stresses her out. Dogs have an incredible sense of protecting the people they love and when something is wrong, they know it.

Just like Tiny, Sadie knew something was wrong when Brian Myers collapsed onto the floor. Although he tried to get up multiple times, he couldn’t. Turned out Brian had a stroke.  He was unable to get to the phone to call 911 because the phone was on the other side of the room. Sadie knew she had to help Brian, so she dragged him until he could reach his phone.

Sadie saved Brian’s life, just like he had saved hers’.

Life is funny and very unpredictable. When it goes off scale, sometimes all that’s needed, is a do-over to get it right. Brian gave Sadie a do-over and now they share a special bond that can never be broken.

As you journey through life don’t let your mistakes or shortcomings dictate your future. If you have breath in your body, you can always start again. Be encouraged and remember to extend the same grace to others, even animals.


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  1. Michael Koesters on

    Shari; You had me at dog. I am a dog person and have had one, two or three most of my life. Right now my wife and I have two, Max and Beau. Like your Tiny, our Max is a Rottweiller but also has some Shepherd in him. He found us 4 years ago shortly after we had lo put down our Chocolate Lab, Hank. My wife and I decided that we still had Beau and that would be enough, that is until Max wandered onto our driveway. Who could resist 120 pounds of love? From the start he has been one of the gentlest, nicest dogs we’ve ever had. It’s amazing how our dogs grow on us and how we grow on them.


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