During the past year, I’ve been doing many things to improve myself and make changes that I needed to make me a better me. So, I wanted to celebrate Self Improvement Month by updating everyone on what I have been working on in hopes that it inspires you to look around and revaluate your priorities.

As I mentioned in an earlier blog, I purchased a standing Pac-Man arcade game. When I first received it, I couldn’t get pass the first level and it really stressed me out. I kept giving it my best but began feeling defeated. Although my favorite guy knew I was discouraged, he would play the game with me and do his best to reach the highest score; he just didn’t let me win. He was pushing me because he knew my goal was to beat his score. I’m proud to say, since the last time I reported, my new high score is 22,848! I still haven’t beat him, but I’m determined to take him down. Stay tuned.

Walking still offers a challenge in my life. Since COVID, I’ve gotten lazy. When trying to take steps on my walker, I seem to get winded. At least when I visit my mom, I have no choice but to climb the steps because there are 14 steps to get to the restroom. On a brighter note, my standing game is awesome. I have pushed myself to stand for 30 minutes a day. I’m going to celebrate any accomplishment when it comes to being on my feet because some standing and stepping is better than none. I’m never going to give up bearing weight on my legs and feet no matter if it’s just a little.  I just need to keep trying.

I also mentioned that I purchased a RED RL exercise machine to help strengthen my core. I can feel my core getting stronger especially when I’m lying-in bed. My whole purpose of strengthening my core is to not be stuck in one sleeping position. Most people change positions during the night to take the strain off parts of their body. My body is stiff due to my disability which makes it difficult to change positions. So, I’m doing everything within my power to loosen it up.  This will help me keep and enhance my mobility as well as my independence.

Another matter at hand is I don’t like going to the dentist. Matter fact, I’d rather be put into a pit of snakes than go to the dentist. So, this year, I decided it’s time to work on improving on my fear of the dentist.  Thanks to Five Rivers Health Care, I found a dentist that’s not only cool but communicates directly with me. So often health care professionals lack empathy, training, and don’t communicate well with people with disabilities. Sadly, this has led to many not receiving the dental care needed. I’m scheduled for dental work soon and although fearful, I feel better than I’ve ever have about going to the dentist. I finally found a medical professional I can communicate with.

Finally, I’ve learned how to meditate. These days, learning how to relax and letting go the things I can’t change is big in my book. Life is unpredictable and as you all know, it can be very stressful. Being grateful for life and the good things it brings, will put you in a good state of mind. Even when things go left you can learn from them. It can be lessons learned to help you grow.

Self-improvement is an on-going thing. No matter how good you think you are, there will always be something to work on to make you better. Be humble, for no one is perfect. At the end of the day, I believe, we all just want to be happy, healthy, and self-sufficient.

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  1. Gussie Jones on

    You are absolutely amazing. I am so glad you are a friend and miss seeing you. Maybe some day our paths will cross again.


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