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Everyone likes to have fun. Whether it’s going to a movie, party, out to dinner, attending a concert or spending an exciting day at an amusement park. Having fun and socialization is a very important part of life.

I love having fun and have been blessed to have family and friends to help me carry out this mission. Afterall, I am the life of the party! Sometimes, I come up against physical and attitudinal barriers when I am out trying to have fun, but I don’t let that deter me. I deal with the issue, resolve it, and continue to have fun. For people dealing with sensory disabilities, often finding ways to have a good time, isn’t that easy.

People with disabilities can be pushed into sensory overload when the noise level is too high, lights are too bright, or when there are too many people around or in their space.

Many who haven ‘t been educated on sensory disabilities, often view people who are having meltdowns, as disruptive.

In cases of kids acting out due to sensory issues, they are often viewed as disobedient. Then there’s the judgement of parents when meltdowns occur, as if they can’t handle or haven’t taught their child any home training when nothing is further from the truth.

Stimulation of sensory overload can’t be helped. People who have this disability aren’t trying to disturb the peace; they just can’t control their actions. I’m so happy businesses, organizations, and venues have finally taken noticed of this and are doing things to make all welcome.

Lucas Oil Stadium home the of National Football League’s Indianapolis Colts, is now a certified sensory venue. The stadium, which is a superdome, causes the noise level to be even louder.  It can really cause sensory overload. For those who want and request it, there’s a designated quiet place inside the stadium, where I’m assuming, people can still watch the game. For those who want to be in the mix, they can request a sensory bag which is equipped with things to help a person from becoming overly stimulated such as noise cancelling headphones, weighted lap pads, fidget tools and more. Another great thing about this initiative, staff will be properly trained on how to help people use these tools and sensory disabilities.

As I always say, “people with disabilities are people first.” Despite our disability, we still want to have fun and be included. I know I do. I’m thankful to Lucas Oil Stadium and others for being in the forefront. Remember, when you see someone having difficulties, try not to judge. It may be he or she today but it could be you or someone you love tomorrow. Extend the hand of kindness so we can all be included.

6 comments on “Sensory Fun

  1. Mindi Beal on

    I wasn’t aware there were efforts in place to assist people with sensory disabilities like that. I’m someone who avoids a lot of outings because I have sensitive hearing and find it more painful than fun to go to certain types of venues. Sensory bags are a great idea I’ll look into. Reading your blog is expanding my knowledge on so many important things, Shari. Thank you!

  2. Melody Burba on

    Great blog. I am glad to see that businesses are recognizing and accommodating people with “invisible disabilities”. I am a brain injury survivor and experience a great deal of sensory overload. I hope local vendors are doing this as well.

  3. Melissa Fowler on

    Shari, BRAVO. You know where I’m coming from with this applause! Acknowledging those with sensory issues, particularly in a venue as chaotic and overwhelming as a sports stadium, is a huge step forward. Glad the NFL can do ONE thing right, am I right? LOL


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