Shaking Those COVID Pounds

Like most in the world, you’ve probably gained weight during the COVID pandemic.

Whether you were quarantining, social distancing, furloughed, or stressed out, the pounds started to add up. Unfortunately, many turned to food for comfort during this time and as a result have unwanted pounds stuck to them.

I’m happy to be back working but, when furloughed last year, I was one of those who found myself eating more. Eating is easy to do when there’s nothing else to do. I’m not a big eater but I do love my snacks, especially my pizza. Without really paying attention, I would snack daily on my favorites like gummy bears, Doritos, and Ruffles. Before the pandemic, I would just eat a handful of my favas but during the pandemic, I found myself taking down the whole bag.  All this eating turned into “COVID weight” and made its home on my hips.

One thing about this pandemic, it showed no mercy both mentally and physically.  Many people turned to things they wouldn’t normally turn too. Daily, I would hear stories of how COVID not only took away the ability to lead a normal life, but worse, people were losing their battle to COVID. Often, when there seems to be no way out, we turn to things to fill the void.  It is all in an effort to make you feel better and usually that’s not a good thing. I was always taught no matter how enticing things may look, it may not be the best for you, including food.

I know gaining weight is a battle for all, but as I always say, if you have a physical disability, gaining weight makes it even more difficult to move and maintain independence. By me knowing this, I made a vow to shake them COVID pounds off.

Exercising of any sort takes discipline. To be on an exercise regimen which requires you to move, takes a strong mind. Watching television and looking on Facebook is much easier and fun.  So, I ask, how can one motivate their self to shake those COVID pounds.

My suggestion is to exercise while enjoying your favorite past time. For the past few weeks, I’ve been exercising while watching thirty-minutes of news.  I am using the REDXL. I love watching the news so I figured that was the perfect time to work-out and would keep me on a time regimen.  I knew I would be able to use the REDXL because it allows you to sit while twisting and works your core. While in the sitting position, I’m also partaking in leg lifts and have just graduated to standing exercises.

I must say, I’m extremely proud of myself. Sometimes, my body just doesn’t give into physical demands.  My disability makes my body stiff so sometimes, I just need to have that extra push.  I’m determined to shake those COVID pounds and make things happen. Plus, I want to feel and look good.

COVID had an effect on everyone in one way or another but, for me, it really reared its ugly head by adding unwanted weight. Don’t let COVID pounds take over your body. Move something. Even if it’s hard to move, try. Motivation to get in shape starts in your mind. Start there and shake those pounds off.


4 comments on “Shaking Those COVID Pounds

  1. Kierstyn Crawford on

    I love this blog Shari! Even beyond weight gain, feeling physically healthy is so important to our mental health for many reasons! One thing I’ve done in the past year is try out new athletic activities. I’ve always been a runner so this weekend I’m going on my first “long” bike ride! Excellent blog 🙂

  2. Margie Wehner on

    I can relate to COVID weight gain. At my age, even a little extra weight can throw off my whole system. I’m trying to get back to eating smaller portions and exercising more often. It’s a battle, but your words are inspiring and let me know I’m not alone in this fight.
    Thanks, Shari!


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