Shari In The Windy City

In case you didn’t hear, a few weeks ago, my favorite Guy and I took a trip to Chicago and it was awesome!  Although, it’s called, “the windy city” it really wasn’t, but it sure was hot. The only time I experienced a taste of its windiness was while I was on the Navy Pier.

When first arriving at the beautiful hotel, finding food was the first thing on our mind.  We were exhausted from the more than three-hundred-mile road trip and finding some Chicago staples was the first thing on our agenda. A good friend had suggested I try a beef steak from Portillo’s. I’m so happy she gave the 411 on that place. That was best beef steak ever!

After a good night sleep, we awoke to a delicious hot breakfast from the hotel, then headed off to the Chicago Museum. When planning vacation activities, I always try to find things to do in the city that are in proximity of the hotel.  This way we can see some of the city’s sights without going too far so that my scooter doesn’t run out of juice and it gives us more time to explore. Chicago is huge and there’re a lot of people and traffic. I was very taken back by all the skyscrapers. While on our journey, I got to see many of the famous places I’d heard about; such as Giordano’s and Stan’s Donuts. We also ran into a farmer’s market and what appeared to be a restaurant street event. There was even a gentleman playing a violin in front of a restaurant, who was amazing.

When reaching the museum, I was amazed by its architecture. The museum consisted of three floors, all explaining the history of Chicago. Some of my favorite exhibits were those featuring Blues music, Martin Luther King, and the Chicago Bulls. I saw the famous BB King’s guitar, a Times magazine featuring MLK, and a pair of legend Scottie Pippen’s gym shoes.

On the walk back, I realized my scooter’s battery was going low plus by this time we were tired and ready for lunch. We stopped at a great restaurant called Rock Bottom, who provided excellent customer service. Not only was our pizza and Cajun wings great but they also allowed me to recharge my battery.

After making it back to the hotel and resting up, we headed back out to the Navy Pier. If you love looking at big boats and beautiful blue water, the pier is the place to go. The pier is as long as the eyes can see. While on the majestic stroll, I saw the famous Ferris-wheel, which seemed gigantic from where I sat. I also saw more restaurants, a few water equipment rental stands, many types of birds, and people for days.

The most impressive thing for me about the Navy Pier, it was totally accessible. There was nowhere I couldn’t go. I saw many others strolling the pier on their mobilized equipment as well. It’s always good visiting places where accessibility isn’t a constant problem that ends up ruining a trip.

My visit to Chicago, was great. It’s a great city with good food, fun activities, and a great atmosphere. I will always have fond memories about the place people call, The Windy City!

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  1. Michael Koesters on

    Shari: Glad you shared with us your experience in Chicago. Literally I’ve been there at least a hundred times mostly with work but also for pleasure. I have a niece that lives in the north suburb of Lincoln Park whom I’ve visited many times. I will be going back there next month with my oldest Grandson. We plan on visiting the Field Museum of Science and Industry as well as the Navy Pier and of course will take in a Chicago Cubs Baseball game. I’t a fun town with lots of neat places to eat and visit. Thanks for sharing.


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