Sibling’s Support Rock

As I think about my life, I ask myself, “Where would I be without the love and support of my siblings?”

If you’re like me, your siblings are your best friends. I learned about boys, sports, how to play monopoly, put on makeup, shop, how to defend myself, and have tough skin; all because of my siblings. Believe it or not, they even taught me how to drive, because they always wanted me to have the best quality of life possible. My sibs taught me everything!

I’m the youngest of six. We call ourselves “The Super Coopers”! I’m the only one out of my brothers and sister with a physical disability. Although I have a disability, the sibling dynamics between us are the same. We argued, wrestled, played the dozen, and took each other’s stuff growing up. Now, we hang out and laugh as we reminisce about the old times.

They still love teasing me and especially like to call me their baby-sister, even though I’m 46. It doesn’t matter how old I get, I’ll always be their baby-sister.

My parents (especially mom) was overly protective. Their concern was to keep me safe. My sibs on the other hand, wanted to keep me safe but also wanted make sure I had fun. They made sure I didn’t miss out on fun times; I’m very appreciative of that and always tell people, “just because you have a disability, it does not mean you’re incapable of enjoying the things the world has to offer.” I often think when parents become guardians of children/adults of people with disabilities, they forget about the fun factor.  But, if you have sibs, they take care of the “fun” stuff!

Because of my sibs, I was included in many activities. Their friends started to get to know, understand, and accept me; my sibs weren’t having it any other way. There was no shunning; I was in the midst of most everything. Come to think of it, I was probably a pain in their rear but they always had my back. At least, that’s what mine do. They became my advocates without even trying.

You hear many stories about siblings not being able to get along. It makes me sad because I truly don’t know where I would be without mine. Even when we face a challenging situation, it stays between us. By the time we all chime in, we usually figure out a solution. My sibs and I are so cool with each other, that we have our own group text.

I’m sure it eases my mom’s mind to know my siblings will always look out for me. Although, they know I demand my independence, which they fully support.  My sibs will never be far away if and when I need their assistance.

My hope is that everyone can have good sibling bonds like I do. I’m glad to be one of the six Super Coopers! My life is happier because of Glenda, Samuel, Marcus, Jonathan and our guardian angel DeWayne. I love them bunches. Siblings Rock!


9 comments on “Sibling’s Support Rock

  1. Pam Green on

    Our siblings often know us better than anyone–I love the distinction between your parents’ loving overprotectiveness and your siblings wanting safety but FUN. Another great post, Shari.

  2. Glenda Pate on

    Thank you Shari Cooper your blog post was so sweet!! We are “The Super Coopers”
    and we will always have your back, and help you accomplish anything your little heart desires.
    We are so proud of the women you have become, and super excited about your future.
    Keep “Making Things Happen” Shari , and thank you for teaching us how to be
    compassion, patient, and the best advocates in Dayton, Ohio.
    We love you little sister, little buddy, and our little cupcake. You Rock!!

  3. Tony on

    Thank You for sharing, time goes by quickly, before you know it all your siblings are in their 60’s to 80’s and you realize that someday you will lose them. Enjoy every opportunity you have with them.

  4. Jerome Haney on

    Awesome Shari, I too share those sentiments about siblings. I am thankful every day for mine. I am also the youngest, and was overly protected by them. they taught me to defend and stand up for myself. How awesome that this morning before I left home I said to myself, “yes I have children and grandchildren, they could never take the place of my siblings. Not that they would try. When I had my cancer bout, my eldest brought me into her home, and gave me the best care anyone could give and/or receive. My eldest brother and sister have always taken their title as eldest very seriously. I love it when they still pull rank on me.


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