Snack Happy

Did you know that February is National Snack Month?

If you think about it, snack food has probably been very prevalent during many major events in your life. Let’s ponder for a minute, what snack food were you eating when watching the last movie? What snack were you snacking on while studying for an exam? And, finally what was your favorite snack food during your last break-up?

Everyone has a favorite snack.

I love snacks because most of them are finger foods. Due to my disability, feeding myself is difficult, but when it comes to snacking, I’m independent. Most snacks do not require a spoon or fork to eat them. I’m also a woman on a mission, especially when it comes to eating one of my favorite snacks.

When shopping for a snack that would make my mouth happy, I usually pick those that don’t crumble easily. It makes me upset when I concentrate on getting my hand up to my mouth to devour a bite of snack only to have it fall apart. Talk about an unhappy camper, that would be me.

While thinking about some of my favorite snack foods, I was reminded of one that was made in my city. Do you like Cheez-Its?

I’m happy to report that Cheez-Its were first made at a factory in the Edgemont area in Dayton, which is five minutes away from where I live and three minutes away from Downtown Dayton. The one-by-one inch cracker was trademarked on May 23, 1921.

I love giving my city props!

Many people like different snacks for different reasons. In this post I thought I’d give you my top five.

  1. Gummy Bears-Gummy Bears are my favorite snack food by far. They are easy to grab because the cute little candies are firm.
  2. Chili Cheese Fritos-Talk about a combination of spicy and cheese? I love them! And they’re not too quick to break apart when I bite them.
  3. Ruffles-You know the saying, Ruffles have ridges! The ridges make it easier for me to pick them up and they can stand the test if I decide to dip them.
  4. Chip Ahoy Chocolate Chip Cookie-OMG! Although they’re soft, they’re not quick to crumble. That’s my kind of cookie!
  5. Pretzels-These days I’m in love with the Dots’ pretzel brand. Although, a little bit pricy, they’re delicious and sturdy.

Now that I’ve shared my five favorite snack foods with you, I’d like to know, what’s yours? I also would like to know why they are your favorites. While you’re leaving a comment, I’m going to get a snack. I made myself hungry!

9 comments on “Snack Happy

  1. Dawn Hedrick on

    Snickers is my all time favorite. – not sure why
    Popcorn – easy to fix and eat, just make sure i have a napkin
    Pretzel and ranch dressing – easy to fix and filling
    Oranges and grapes – easy on the go snack

  2. Margie Wehner on

    I love to make tiny peanut butter sandwiches with cheezits. I also like Triscuits and apple slices topped with cheese and peanut butter—and all kinds of salted nuts.

  3. Shari Cooper on

    Hello Fellow Snackers Dawn, Connie, Melissa, and Margie!
    Thanks for commenting leaving insight on some of your favorite snacks. I just may have to try a few of them. Snack on ladies, snack on!

  4. Mary Pfeil on

    I love finger food! It’s the easiest kind to eat. It even more favored when it does not fall apart upon the first bite! Popcorn is my favorite at the movies. Butter, please! I may eat the first piece of pizza with a fork while it cools, but after that it’s my 2nd favorite finger food!. Ditch the silverware, please!.


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