Although we’ve had a light winter this year in the Dayton area, I can’t help but to start thinking, it won’t be long until one day I get snowed in!

Some may not think about this but if you have a disability that causes you not to be able to get around in the snow, it’s always in the back of your mind. As a person with a disability who relies on daily services to start my day, snow literally stops me in my tracks. Nine times out of ten, my personal care attendant calls off because either the weather is too bad for her to make it or her kids have a snow day off from school. You can try to call in and get a replacement attendant, but unless you’re willing to wait a few hours for someone, you’re probably going to be out of luck. Plus, to be real, if the authorities have issued an emergency level that no one should be on the roads, I don’t want my attendant out there either.

Let me state, for those who rely detrimental on a care attendant, I hope your care attendant is not leaving you hanging on snow days or at least you’re able to get a replacement. For some I know this is a major subject as for me, I’m thankful it’s not a do or die situation.

The outside elements make my life difficult especially when it snows.  If we get a lot of inches, someone must shovel a path to get me out. If snow falls continuously through-out the night, it’s too hard for my favorite guy to shovel a path and not be late to his own job. Although he will and has, that’s not fair to him. And, sometimes even if he tries to clear a path, if the snow is too deep, my scooter’s wheels are too small to track through to get to the bus. I also have those Super Coopers.  They will assist me whenever needed but they have lives too, so unless I’m in dire need, I weather the storm.

One thing I’m thankful for, is although when it snows and I’m left alone, I’m still able to take care of myself.  My parents, physical and occupational therapists knew I would have days like this, so they taught me useful tactics. I use snow days as, Shari Training Days. I really like to see how much I can do for myself. I’m able to get myself together and then put on my fuzzy pajamas and slippers. I then do a few stretches before grabbing something simple for breakfast such as; grapes or a pre-cook breakfast sandwich that I can pop in the microwave. I have plenty of little juices that once I pop the foil, I’m able to get a straw in. After that, I usually jump on my computer and work. Around noon, I call my favorite pizza restaurant because I know they cut their pizza in little squares. After eating, I jump back on the computer and do a little more work then watch television until my guy gets home. My dog Tiny loves snow days for she knows she has me all day.

Being snowed in isn’t the greatest but it is not the worst. Somethings are just beyond our control and you must have a plan. I make the best out of every situation even being snowed in!

What do you do when you’re snowed in? Please comment.

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