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The thought of going skating, hiking in the mountains or actually being able to join in on the fun at a waterpark has always been a far-off dream of mine. When a person has a disability, activities such as these often take a back seat, unless they’re made adaptive in a unique way.

Unless a disability personally affect someone’s life, who really thinks about it? Just the other day, my fella called to make sure all activities for his family reunion weekend would be accessible so I could access and enjoy them too. He said before me, he never thought about accessibility. Now, he’s a true advocate. Makes me kind-of mushy!

Being able to splish-splash at a waterpark like everyone else seems like a boatload of fun. Guess that’s exactly what Morgan’s father Gordon Hartman thought when he came up with the concept of Morgan’s Inspiration Island.

Morgan’s Inspiration Island located in San Antonio, Texas, is the first ever accessible waterpark that offers accessibility and fun to all children with special needs. As I mentioned, if a disability does not affect your life, you’d probably never think about it.  But if it does and you’re passionate about people’s quality of life, you start thinking how things of this world should include everyone. It is then that change starts to take place.

Businessman Gordan Hartman was hurt seeing kids shun his daughter Morgan, who has a disability, at a pool party. Like most parents, if your children are in pain, so are you. Hartman took his pain and turned it into something good, making sure no more children would be left out, by creating this wonderful water-park.

Some of Morgan’s Inspiration Island’s accessible features are the splash pads, a wheelchair accessible riverboat ride and a waterproofed wheelchair that’s powered by air. How cool is that?


When you’re young with a disability, you’re not thinking about why you can’t participate in different activities. All you know is that you want to have fun. Same applies when you get older, too. No matter who you are, no one wants to be left out of fun times.

Morgan’s Inspiration Island is a great idea. Hopefully more people will take Hartman’s concept and make this world more accessible for everyone.


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