Sportsmanship & Motivation

One thing that is taught to children who play sports and compete in competitions is to practice good sportsmanship.

Good sportsmanship shows a person’s character. When you have this quality, it follows you throughout your life. This quality can also be used to motivate others; for there’s going to be a time that we all can use some uplifting, because life can be hard.

When you’re at the top of your game, like Philadelphia 76ers National Basketball Association (NBA) player James Harden, not only was winning on his mind, but so was showing good sportsmanship.

After winning game four over the Boston Celtics in the semifinals, James removed his shoes, and gave them to James Hao.

Who is James Hao you ask?

Hao became paralyzed during the Michigan State shooting. According to the media, Hardin and Hao developed a friendship after the tragedy. Often, after a tragedy you need either something or someone to get you through.

When tragedy happens, it can stop life in its tracks. If you’re not careful, a tragedy can stop you from living a quality of life. I have always been one that learned how to lean on my faith and find my inner strength when things get rough, and still do. People or a special person can also help you cope with difficult situations. Thanks to Hardin, a friendship was born and Hao’s spirit to heal benefited from it.

On the flip side, even the strongest person needs the same to motivate him or her as well. Although Hardin is a famous NBA player, he drew strength from Hao and he dealt with his situation to become a fighter, not letting the tragedy tear his life apart. I understand Hao’s fighting spirit oh so well for I’ve been told a time or two “I don’t know if I could thrive in your shoes. I always reply, no you probably couldn’t for I have a unique taste for shoes. Plus, I was built for my situation to show you how fabulous life can be despite your circumstance.

True sportsmanship only works if it’s given and received wholeheartedly. No one wants it if it’s fake or given with ill intent.

The two James’ friendship will probably last forever. I truly believe when you meet certain people, there’s a reason. This meeting was divine intervention, and they will learn from each other.

May James Hardin keep winning and may James Hao continue to recover. Big thanks to both for displaying great sportsmanship.

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