Spring In- The Reboot

I wrote a blog just a few years ago, “Spring In”, so I thought I’d give you a new “Spring In” with a fresh perspective for 2019! During the spring, birds start to sing, flowers begin to bloom and weather turns warmer! Yes, spring is here and I’m a very happy camper!

Although, you may already be aware, fall is my favorite season; it’s just something about spring that I just can’t help but to like. One reason I like spring, it awakens the animals, senses, and new ideas that have been asleep for the past six months. Spring can also bring about new attitudes. You may have been upset about a certain situation back in the winter, but now that the sun is shining, you’ve chosen to let it go? After all, when holding on to stuff that causes you emotional pain, it has a way of eventually making you physically sick.

Spring is the time for rebirth and brings a new awakening into your life; it is a wonderful thing.  Just around the end of September, flowers begin to lose their color and die. But, in the spring they begin to peak through the dirt just to show their beauty to those who are paying attention.

Springtime is also a great time to purge things you haven’t worn or used in a while. I recently went through my closet and to my surprise realized there were many clothing items I haven’t worn in years. I gathered the items and donated them to Goodwill. I felt so good donating to Goodwill because I know 86 cents goes back to over 40 programs and it supports people with disabilities and other disadvantages.

As I mentioned in my previous “Spring In” post, spring is a time to work on you. Do something different and a bit out of your comfort zone; put some excitement in your life. Trust me, there’s nothing better than a little excitement. It keeps your blood pumping.

Also, as I said before, spring is a great time to change up your wardrobe. Some of the new fashion craves for the season are, natural waves and the always stylish, long braid. Colors for the seasons are rusty reds, yellows and believe or not, tie-dye is making a comeback. If you can find things that have fringe, feathers and animal print, crochet or neon, consider yourself good. These are just some of the must-haves this spring.

I’m all about happiness and I find spring is one of the things that make me happy. It brings back longer days of sunlight. Often, the lack of sunshine can put some in depression or a bad mood but no need to fret, because thanks to this glorious season, the sunshine is returning.

Spring in my people and enjoy the season. Be sure to post comments letting us know how you plan to make the best of spring.

6 comments on “Spring In- The Reboot

  1. Kim on

    I love the change of seasons…summer to fall and then winter to spring. I feel like spring is our reward for making it through the winter. LOL.
    Definitely a time of rebirth and new opportunities. I start to see all kinds of outdoor projects and activities just begging me to come outside and get busy. And, I’ve been able to take the dog for more walks outside, which is wonderful!
    We need to appreciate the best that each season has to offer, I think.
    Glad to read your blog, Shari!

  2. Jerome Haney on

    I am more of your “Fall Back Give Me A Rake” “, and “Give Me A Shovel Winter Man.” :- ) Yet there are the times when I do appreciate seeing the blooming of the flowers, roses, etc. I have a love for wildflowers and love to pick them. This has help me with my disability of depression. I have Lavenders that grow outside my kitchen window and I am looking forward to their return. When I think on my faith level and spiritually, there is something beautiful in all season. Thank you for this blog. Have a great day.

  3. Marty ODell on

    I know that I smile more on a sunny day, even though I try to be joyful always. When the days get longer it automatically energizes me.
    You description of the season fashion sounds a great deal like what we wore so long ago I can’t remember!


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