What Super Power Do You Want

Have you ever wanted to be a superhero and have super natural powers? Think about it; if you could be like Spiderman and have power to shoot webs out of your wrist in order to swing to the rooftop of buildings would you? Or perhaps Storm on the X Men movie is your superhero choice. Storm is able to change the weather to stormy just by looking up to the clouds.

If you could possess a super power which one would it be and why? Let me break down some of the superhero’s powers in hopes you will share which one tickles your fancy.

Wonder Woman- Wonder  Woman, who’s a goddess is getting much hype this year. The movie was released on to the big screen this year and was directed by a woman. Wonder Woman possesses superhuman abilities in speed, durability and longevity. She is also a skilled hand-to-hand combatant and utilizes the Lasso of Truth, bracelets, boomerang tiara and a sword to fight off the bad guys. Wonder Woman is a badd girl and her accessories are awesome! Have you checked out her boots? I would rock them for sure!

Dare Devil- who acquired his disability of blindness from a radioactive cargo spill, which also in return gave him special powers, has to be one of the first superheroes with a disability introduced to the world in 1964. Because of Dare Devil’s blindness, his other senses kicked in to super overload. Strength, endurance, acrobatic and gymnastic skills of an Olympian are Dare Devil’s powers.

Super Man- born of super powers on the planet Krypton a certain baby named Kal-El was sent down to Earth by his parents in a safe cocoon before his planet was destroyed. Raised by his earthly parents who found him, the boy now named Clark Kent started to display his powers. As he matured so did his powers of flying, heat vision, freezing breath and my favorite X-ray vision. Clark Kent then took on the name of Super Man.

Black Panther- real name is T’Challa and he was the first black superhero in mainstream American comics introduced in 1966. After the Black Panther’s father died T’Challa was next in line to become king of Wakanda. Black Panther’s main objective is to keep Wakanda safe and a secret. Black Panther’s is a trained scientist, skilled tracker, skilled arm and unarmed combatant, has super human strength and utilized a vibranium suit which keeps him safe.

Black Widow- was born Natalie “Natasha” and was orphaned as a child. Eventually Natasha was chose by the Soviet Intelligence to become a spy where she took on the alias name of Black Widow. Black Widow was trained in ballet and became a national ballerina to hide her identity of being a spy. Black Widow works for the Soviet Intelligence who slowed her aging process in order to preserve her life span. She also wears bracelets that discharge high frequency bolts to fight off enemies and she carries 4 pounds of dynamite in her belt along with automatic weapons and knives.

Now that some of the great superheroes and their amazing powers have been brought to your attention, which one would you like to be?

After researching these characters, I’ve decided to create my own superhero. My alias name is The Under-Estimator! My powers would be all of them combine. No one would suspect me of being a superhero until they needed help and I showed up and showed out. My outfit would be sparkly and red. Of course my boots would be awesome and be in high demand around the world. Imagination is wonderful thing!

10 comments on “What Super Power Do You Want

  1. Linda Fischbach on

    What a clever blog! You’ve got me thinking. I may need to create a “senior citizen” super hero to fight ageism and show that even we older Americans have value!

  2. Kim on

    I vote for a combo of super powers as well…flying is my first choice!
    You know, Shari, that my boys are both named after super heroes…Logan (Wolverine) and Connor (Green Arrow). 🙂 Yes, their Dad is a huge comic book fan.

  3. Melody Mitchell on

    I just want one super power! The ability to see the future then that way I could always predict what the stock market would do and become super rich. That way I could help lots of people at once by giving money to those in need!

  4. Cheryl Wood on

    That’s a creative blog Shari. I like Wonder Woman and her accessories. I love the Idea of creating my own super hero too. Thanks!


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