Thankful-All Around

This year’s Thanksgiving will be even more special.

For the last two years, many couldn’t come together due to social distancing caused by covid; But now, many are able to gather and celebrate.

I’m so thankful for many things, including my family, peace of mind, friends, independence, job, organizations, task forces, boards, and committees that allow me to advocate for myself and others with disabilities. Also, I’m very thankful for my pretty girl pup, Tiny. I’m also very thankful for guest-bloggers who have written posts this year. All guest-bloggers brought a unique perspective and I hope to continue to collaborate with them in the future. As we give thanks this holiday, here’s a few things they’re thankful for:

Jerome-I am thankful that I just got the results of my prostrate biopsy and from the six specimens that were taken, each result was ‘BENIGN – NO TUMORS. Just this past September was my 10th year of Colon Cancer SurThriving. I am thankful to be cancer free. I am hopeful for all men, “Check your numbers.”

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Cindy-I am thankful for the direct support professionals who work the tireless hours to watch over my son Kyle.  They make sure he is safe, healthy, and happy.  Kyle lives in a double with 24-hour staff.  He is unable to care for himself and requires staff participation.  Since my last blog, Kyle has been doing awesome.  There are 2 new staff members who he adores.  His outings have increased, and he especially loves Tuesday’s when he goes to the bowling alley and has a competition with the staff!  So, thank you to all the direct support professionals that take care of not only my son, but the many other individuals in our community.

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Terri-I am thankful for so many things this year. It’s been a year of refurbishing me: a prosthetic eye, a new and improved ankle, and a restored big toe. It’s only added to the sense of empowerment I feel as a disabled woman, because these were choices, I made, to feel a greater sense of independence. That said, I am the most grateful for my wonderful and very supportive husband who helped get me through all of it. I’m ready for a new chapter in my life, so lookout 2022! And I am grateful to you and the whole Breaking Silences crew.

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Linda-I am thankful for a small yet mighty group of friends and family who have had my back in a huge way as I live in a body changed by COVID. I am thankful for the service dog who gives hugs and teaches me about human compassion. Abby isn’t the dog I asked for; yet she is the dog I need.

I am deeply grateful for co-workers who have a sense of humor and make coming to work a fun experience.

I am happy to work where I continue to grow and learn from others.

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Nathan-The past two years have been so challenging. I am grateful for many different things as we transition to, hopefully, more normalcy with the global pandemic. Most importantly, I am thankful for my personal health, loving family and strong network of support. I also appreciate how technology has allowed me and other people with disabilities to be more creative and resilient with advocacy, employment and connecting with our communities. I look forward to seeing what the future brings.

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As you can see, my guest-bloggers and I have much to be thankful for. May your heart of thanksgiving continue to grow now and always.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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  1. Deborah Dye on

    I really enjoyed the comments provided by Jerome. My husband has been dealing with negative prostrate exams since 2015. This year they have actually had to send his biopsy tissue to Cleveland for additional review so we are waiting on the results. We have been promised an update before Thanksgiving. We are one day away from the major holiday and are still waiting. My husband does not want to call the doctor for results so I am letting him deal with this issue on his terms without pushing him. I plan to start encouraging him to get the news as soon as the Thanksgiving holiday is over. Your article touched me. You never know what another person has been through or is experiencing. God bless you and thank you for the blog.


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