The City of Trotwood and the Revitalization

Have you heard the news? Goodwill Easterseals Miami Valley (GESMV) is opening a new campus in Trotwood, Ohio and it’s going to help many.

I’m currently employed at GESMV’s main campus located in Downtown Dayton and I’m so excited to see a similar one go-up in Trotwood. When I say this campus is going to help many, I mean just that. Inside the walls of the newly built building, the community will be able to access programs and services such as help finding sustainable employment, adult care services, free car seats for qualified families, learning computer skills and much more.

Although I’m a Dayton naïve, I’ve spent a lot of time visiting Trotwood and still do.

Let me go back a few years when I remember shopping with my mom and sister at the Kmart in Trotwood. Not only was shopping there fun but the store had a cafeteria in the back that served the best strawberry Jell-O I ever had. If my mind serves me correctly, there was a Red Lobster restaurant across the street that we used to visit to eat after church sometimes.

Down the street a little further, is Precious Blood Church. Precious Blood would host a carnival every year that was a boatload of fun.

Children’s Palace was also in Trotwood.  Thanks to our parents, my siblings and I had many visits there for holidays and birthdays; they let us choose special gifts. We loved that place!

And who can forget the Salem Mall. Back in the day, the Salem Mall was a major hot spot. At this mall is where I saw the great movie, Annie. It’s also where I got my dress for the prom back in 1991. The Salem Mall is also where I got a taste of independence as a teen. My friend Gracie and I were able to convince our mothers on many occasions to drop us off there so we could hang out. Those were the good ole days.

Unfortunately, Trotwood has been through many ups and downs. In May of 2019, an EF4 tornado tore through the town leaving much devastation. Although, days and nights were long trying to get things back on track, its people fought to see brighter days. Because of their resilience, the town’s future is looking brighter than ever.

As Trotwood begins to revitalize, many businesses are flocking to the area.

The new GESMV’s campus will be a staple in Trotwood. It will stand for a long time with many success stories from the people who will receive services.

On February 28, 2023, the new campus will be presented to the community with an Open House from noon to 6pm. After years of preparations, all the hard work will become a reality. Hope you will make time to visit, for it’ll be a facility that you’ll have to see for yourself.

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