The Egg

Do you like eggs?

As a child I wasn’t a big fan of eating them. Although eggs weren’t my thang, I’ve watched many take pleasures in devouring them. Eggs can be prepared in many ways including scrambled, over easy, sunny side up, poached, and runny. If you really want to be fancy, eggs can be made into an omelet with all your favorite ingredients.

The only time eggs were important to me was at Easter. Again, back when I was a child, I’d never eat them, but it wouldn’t have felt like Easter unless I had them.

Easter was a big thing to us Super Coopers! All of us would get new outfits, attend church, go to multiple hunts, have a big dinner, and color eggs the night before. Eggs were very important to us during Easter.

Before now, I just thought of eggs as one item out the four-food groups, but do you really know what an egg symbolizes? It means the birth of life. This tradition came from ancient customs.

Eggs also represent the new season.

The new season of spring began this year on March 20th.  Think about it; many things have already passed from January and many are waiting for winter to move on so we can get to spring.  If you’ve been waiting for things such as flowers to bloom, longer days, warmer weather, bright colors, and colorful eggs, you’re about to get your wish.

When I think of the egg representing a new season, many things come to mind.

For instance, my kitchen needs a facelift. When my favorite guy and I purchased our home, it was apparent the previous owner loved wallpaper! Although, I’ve been okay with it for almost five years, it’s time to bring it back to the twentieth century. A kitchen project is what I’ll partake in this spring.

Around this time, I start thinking about vacation. Vacation for me causes for cute seasonal clothes. In-order to buy the outfits on my got to have list, I’ll begin another big ditch. I heard on a talk show a few weeks ago, if you’ve haven’t worn certain clothing in your closet in a year, nine times out of ten, you’re not going to at all. That really resonated with me so, off to the Goodwill I’ll go to donate.

Lastly, keeping in shape is big on my list. This is a must.  I need to be fit as well as look good in those items on my list so, off to squatsville I go. Plus, when you’re in shape, you just feel better.

Who would have ever thought I could relate life to an egg? After reading what it represents, I get it and like it.

I’m going to use the egg representation to make my life better and start a new this season. May the eggs in your basket bring you a season of joy and happy new beginnings.

P.S. since I’ve gotten older, guess who likes eggs? This girl! Boiled eggs are delicious! Who knew.


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  1. Monae Dawson on

    Keep inspiring, Shari! I enjoy your stories, vlogs, and the way you never allow for excuses. Living life to the fullest is exactly what you do. P.S. since I’ve gotten older, I find that I don’t need to drown my eggs in cheese lol, more like surround them with veggies. Who knew.


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