The Empowering Energy Of The Synergy Conference 2018

I attended the Synergy Conference in October at the very magical Kalahari Resorts in Sandusky.

What’s Synergy? Glad you asked. The Synergy Conference is an event partnering Professionals, Resources (PAR), advocates, family members, staff and Ohio Self Determination Association (OSDA) together for the full purpose of empowering people with disabilities.

Not often can you find a conference where advocates and people on the services and program side advocate work together so that they can learn and share information with the community. This is a great strategy because it gives everyone a chance to have a voice.

I’ve been to a bunch of conferences and sometimes you feel as if you’re listening to a broken record. Every session, keynote and networking event is the same with maybe one or two new updates or activities. The Synergy Conference was filled with new exciting sessions, events, and life materials that weren’t just the everyday strategical plan.  The information can actually assist in one’s happiness and overall well-being.

I loved all the break-out sessions I attended. The two that stood out for me were, Safety in the Community presented by Cuyahogo County Board of DD and I Dance with Love presented by I Dance APAC.

Staying safe in the disability community is a hot topic that doesn’t get discussed. Often we’re viewed as a vulnerable population. Cuyahogo County talked and presented videos to attendees.  The videos are scenarios of dangerous situations that one may face, along with choices that could be used to keep safe. They created videos that are very enlightening. I highly suggest you watch and share with others. Here’s the link.

I Dance APAC, is an adaptive dance and fitness studio for people with disabilities. Participants learn dance routines and preform them throughout the year. They even compete at national dance competitions. As we all know, it can be hard keeping in shape but it is twice as hard if you have a disability. I Dance promote movement and helps people to create healthy bonds and confidence. I love to dance and been trying out a few of the moves I learned, since returning home. Check out the link to learn more about this wonderful program.

As you can tell, I had an awesome time! This was my first time attending The Synergy Conference but it won’t be my last. I can’t wait until next year’s! It’s a great conference and I highly recommend this one to you all. To learn more about Synergy, click the link below:

6 comments on “The Empowering Energy Of The Synergy Conference 2018

  1. Fatica Diana Ayers on

    I’ve been to all the Synergy Conferences and they are very informative. This year was different and special. I believe strongly that the conference planners work extremely hard to have not your typical sessions. They cover issues that are sensitive yet needful. I have always had a good time meeting new people and listening to people with disabilities share their stories. Yes, Shari it was good to see you.
    I do plan to attend next year as well. Thanks for your Blogs for they are always timely.

  2. Dana Charlton on

    Thanks for your wonderful comments, Shari! I’m so enthused about your positive response! Coming from a strong self advocate, such as your, means a lot! I look forward to next year. Hope to see you soon!


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