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Is it ever acceptable to laugh at disabilities?

I laugh all the time when something happens that pertains to my disability. Sometimes funny things happen, and I personally think life is too short to be so uptight.

Now, let me clarify, there’s a big difference between laughing at an unharmful funny incident instead of making fun of someone. But when things happen such as my wheelchair rolling away in a parking lot, or my arm spazzing out causing me to accidentally knock my friend’s burger out of her hand, it’s funny. We still chuckle about that incident till this day.

I’m happy to learn British late-night show, The Last Leg, shares in the way I feel. The late-night show is hosted by people with disabilities. The hosts not only report what’s going on in the world, but they also talk about disabilities, including their own.

Whether people want to accept it or not, issues for persons with disabilities are numerous, including Medicaid and Medicare, personal care crisis, emergency preparations, and so many others.  All these issues are newsworthy.  Even if the issues don’t affect you personally, I’m willing to bet they affect someone you love or at least someone you know.

I also love the fact that most of the reporters have disabilities. So often, reports given on disabilities are given by people that don’t even have disabilities. People with disabilities are more than capable of being reporters, as well as in any other occupation.

Since I was a little girl, I’ve always felt others looked upon disabilities as taboo. No one really wants to talk about them. Instead, most just choose to either ignore or make assumptions. I can tell you that nine times out of ten, it is not true. I wish when something arises people would just ask for the answers.

Bringing disabilities to the forefront of the news will help break so many barriers; knowledge is power. A positive energy is sent out to the world when people with disabilities are in a professional position, such as a reporter.

For us to become a world of full inclusion, things such as this amazing late-night talk show must exist. It’s my hope that one day seeing a show like this will not be big news.  I rather see shows get more buzz for just being good, not because someone has a disability.

I have watched a clip of The Last Leg and it’s excellent! It was very informative, and it made me laugh out loud. I’m all for it!

Again, I cannot express how important it is to be able to find humor in your situation. Life is hard but find funny moments and laugh. Trust me, laughter will not only make you feel better, but deal better.

Thanks, Last Leg! Cooper is giving you five stars!

4 comments on “The Last Leg

  1. Mary Pfeil on

    I agree with many of your points. Living with a disability certainly has funny moments which can be laughed about. I did not know anything about The Last Leg and I look forward to seeing it for myself.

  2. Matthew Rizer on

    Sherri I agree entirely with the things you said in this blog post. Living with a disability certainly has funny moments which can be laughed about. I can give you an example. I think I was in 4th grade at the time this happened.
    One night I had a seizure in bed. Dad came to see what was going on and asked me if I was OK. I asked dad if he would pick me up when he asked me why my response was “Because I have a magic foot.”


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