Time to Get-A-Way- Vacationing

The sun is shining, grills are going, festivals are in full swing, and pools are open. Summer is here and vacation plans are in full effect!

As I stated in an earlier blog, I took on Birmingham, Alabama this year. Although I attended and presented at a conference; I still managed to visit the science center and see some other sights.  An extra plus, I was able to eat at some amazing restaurants.

Vacationing is wonderful.  I always have to make sure when planning a trip is if things are going to be accessible. Riding the plane can sometimes be a bear. Most of the time, I have to wait fifteen minutes or more for personnel assistance to get me off the plane after everyone else has de-boarded. I’m advocating in hopes of getting that problem solved. Still getting away visiting other states or countries is good for one’s mental health. Even staycations are great for the mind.

I have many friends at (GESMV) Goodwill Easter Seals Miami Valley who have taken amazing trips or are in the midst of planning one. They’ve volunteered to share so pay attention, for one just may make you want to pack your bags and go.

Peggy- May 20-27, 2018 – Carnival Cruise from San Juan to St Thomas, Barbados, St Lucia, St Kitts, & St Marteen. Lots of activities, entertainment, fantastic food and staff were always right there to assist. As always, cruising is a great way to vacation and very accommodating to those persons with disabilities; Port of Entry and Island Ports of Call are very accessible for those in power chairs, wheelchairs, and walkers.

Nancy- My vacation is not until September, but Mark and I are going to Lake Como, Italy, to meet up with our “Provimi Family” ~ Mark’s colleagues from where we lived and he worked in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. When that company sold and everyone moved on, we made a pact for the couples to meet somewhere in the world, every other year. 6 years ago we hosted the group in New York City, and 2 years ago we met in Sorrento, Italy. We love these folks dearly~ they were so good to us while we lived there; and are so glad that we all honor this tradition – no one misses!

Debbie- We had planned on going to Pow Wow next month.  It is on the Allegheny reservation in New York. It is a Veterans Pow Wow and we have been to that one many times. It is close to where I am from. The community is nice with paved roads and sidewalks but the Pow Wow grounds are grass covered and a little bumpy; I have seen a number of veterans in chairs access it.  It is so pretty there and the drums and dancers are just awesome. But next year we plan on going to Albuquerque for Gathering of Nations Pow Wow.

Dave- My family and I will be traveling to Europe this summer. We will be visiting France, Italy, Belgium, Greece, and Amsterdam. This is our last summer with our older daughter at home. We are very excited to be together.

Brittany- 2018 is shaping up to be the year of travel for me!  So far I have been to Louisville, KY for a long weekend and concert, New Orleans, LA for a Halloween show (work trip), and Pensacola Beach, FL for my best friend’s wedding and vacation. Coming up I have a long weekend planned in Nashville, TN the end of June, another week in Pensacola Beach, FL for a girl’s trip in September, a long weekend trip to Hocking Hills or Red River Gorge this fall, and hopefully a trip out west to Salt Lake City, UT or Denver, CO to visit my cousin and his girlfriend.

Most of the restaurants and excursions I visited in Pensacola Beach were very accessible.  There were a couple that did not appear to be accessible at first glance but when I go back I will definitely check them out and speak to someone about accessibility.

Wow, my GESMV’s peeps have been or planning to go on some AMAZING vacations. They have given me great ideas for future trips. Remember, where ever you go on vacation this year, remember to have fun and have safe travels.




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