I have a new love in my life! My new love has the cutest face with the biggest brown eyes I have ever seen. She’s black with touches of mahogany and very fuzzy. This new love of mine likes nibbling at my toes, shoes, socks and anything within her reach and I don’t even get upset because she’s so darn cute. Yes, people, if you haven’t guessed it by now, I have a new puppy and her name is Tiny!

Tiny, is a very loving baby girl Rottweiler who won’t be tiny for too long. She weighed in at 16 and ½ pounds at 10 weeks and has much more growing to do. Still, her name fits her personality.

Tiny entered me and my guy’s life in late February. When we first met, she was kind of standoffish and rightfully so because she did not know us. She sniffed around the house for about thirty minutes and kept giving us that, who the heck are you two look? Then, she squatted and did her business right in front of us. And, to that I asked her, “Tiny, have you any shame?” Thanks goodness she went in the nook where there’s vinyl flooring. Turns out that look means, I have to use the bathroom. It did not take us long to figure that one out.

At first she was scared of my scooter. Every time I would go to move, she would growl. It took a few days for her to figure out what it was for but now she loves it. Now, Tiny treats my scooter as if it’s her chariot. She can’t stay off of it. She sits, plays, rests and at least once a day, insists I take her for a spin around the house on it. My scooter is also Tiny’s favorite spot to hide from my guy when being naughty which is, every day. I don’t know what she’s going to do when she gets to big to fit. She’s already starting to hang off.

It’s funny how in-tune Tiny is to my disability. Dogs are smart creatures. Since the day we met, Tiny has watched me closely and continues today. She has picked up on my movements. She knows I can only do things like give her a treat, play and pet her with my right hand.  Although, anxious from being in the puppy stage, Tiny waits until I get settle then sits on my right and the fun begins.

Having a dog is a lot of work. Tiny, requires much attention and care. I now know why the good Lord did not give me a baby. If parenting a kid is as exhausting as parenting a puppy, blessed all you parents.

I didn’t know I could love a dog this much but I truly love my Tiny girl. I was already happy and she has enhanced that a million times more. She has put much joy into our home and life. We are looking forward to raising and loving Tiny forever.

Be sure and leave a comment telling about the special animal in your life.

P.S. Tiny will definitely have a great wardrobe with plenty of bling and Bengal’s attire. I’ll have to get her some soon before my guy tries to convert her into a Steeler’s fan!!!

25 comments on “TINY

  1. Kim on

    I cannot wait to meet her!!! You know I love dogs and want to just give her a big hug! How wonderful that you’ve had this addition to your family. She is adorable!

  2. Jean Ritchie on

    Dogs enhance our lives in such incredible ways! I don’t know what I would do without my Brutus and Scarlett (What makes you think I’m an OSU fan?!?!?!?!?) I am so happy for you Shari!

  3. Amanda Williams on

    She is adorable! Dogs are such blessings and show us what true love really looks like. Even if you are gone for 5 mins they act as if they’ve missed you so much! I love being greeted by my dog Tucker when I get home from work. So happy to hear your new addition is going well!

  4. Glenda Pate on

    Tiny is so cute Shari!! I’m so glad she makes you guys so happy. Can’t wait until she starts wearing clothes.

    • Shari Cooper on

      If your uncle Darryl has any to do with it, Tiny will be draped in Black and Yellow! I’m going to try and beat him and get her some ORANGE and BLACK! Thanks for the comment.

  5. Margie Wehner on

    Dogs are the best! I don’t know what I’d do without my Sunny. No one but a dog can make you feel like a star for just walking in the door. Can’t wait to see how much Tiny has grown.

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