Tiny’s Mother

As we approach Mother’s Day, I’d like to say what fun it is to be a mother to my fur baby, Tiny.

Tiny (a 130-pound Rottweiler) who is now six and who I affectionately call, Moo Moo, has really enhanced my life. Although she’s huge, she’s very gentle with me. I liked dogs before she entered my world, but now I’m a full pledge dog person.

Ever since my favorite guy and I brought her home, it was obvious that she knew I had a disability. When playing tug-a-war with her, she pulls her rope easily when I have it. When my favorite guy plays with her, she plays rough which he always says, that’s not fair. My response to him is, that’s my girl.

Although dogs can’t talk, Tiny communicates well. When she wants a bone or a treat, she’ll go to the cabinet, where they’re kept, and nudge it until we open it up and give her one. At a certain time of the day, Tiny will lay by the door because she knows it’s time for my favorite guy to come home from work. When he pulls in the driveway, she jumps up and comes to find me and stares. She won’t move until I say, is daddy home? After I acknowledge his presence, she’ll go back to the door to greet him. Yes, my girl is one smart puppy!

A few weeks ago, my favorite guy wasn’t feeling well and had to spend the night in the hospital. Although I could have spent the night at my mom’s or one of my siblings’ houses, I wanted to go home because I knew Tiny would be looking for me. After I explained to her what was going on, she turned into a super guard dog. She followed me all around the house, watched television with me and when I woke up from sleeping on the couch, she was right there at my feet.

As I continue my quest to stand and walk, when I go to do both, Tiny is on full alert. She’ll either stand or sit close to me and will not move until I sit back down.

Tiny’s also very laid back. My favorite guy and I live a very chilled life and because of this, Tiny lives a care free life as well. My guy loves to cookout and does multiple times throughout the year. The word cookout out is one of Tiny’s favorites. When she hears the word, she’ll run to the garage and sit by the grill. After everything gets in place, she’ll lay out on her rug, listen to the music, and await her two grilled hotdogs.

I think what I love about my girl the most is how loyal she is to me. She loves me on my good and bad days. She doesn’t care if I’m having a bad hair day or if I don’t put on make-up because all she wants is my attention and love.

My girl has taught me that being a mother is much more than just a title. Being a mother to whoever or whatever you decide to take care of means loving unconditionally.

I love Tiny with all my heart and although she chewed up very expensive shoes, I’m so happy to be her mother.

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