Total Eclipse

A total solar eclipse is happening April 8, 2024, and according to many, it’s a big deal!

I’m not very much into the solar system, but after all the hype around the event, I must say, I want to see it.

For those of you who don’t know what an eclipse is, it happens when a planet or a moon gets in the way of the Sun’s light. If you think about it, this is cool. Because, the next one that can be seen in Ohio won’t come around until twenty-ninety nine, I can now understand why many are hyped.

Many will be in place waiting to witness this big event with their eyes, but how will people who are blind or visual impaired be able to experience this event?

Of course, someone could explain what’s happening to them, but wouldn’t it be awesome if they could experience the event for themselves?

Thanks to two Indiana companies, people who are blind and visual impaired will be able to experience the event all by themselves.

Indiana companies make it possible for the visually impaired to experience solar eclipse (

Near Space Education and Tactile Engineering joined forces to develop a brand-new piece of technology and as a result it will allow people who read braille to enjoy the eclipse in real time. The amazing technology consist of unique balloons being released to gather data and send it back down for a computer to read.

In my eyes, this is some real futuristic stuff!

Unfortunately, I’ve only heard about this accommodation being offered during the eclipse in Indiana at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, but hopefully it will catch fire and others will have this technology available for the next eclipse.

As always, I try to stress in many of my blog posts is that all people with disabilities want is to be included in all aspects of life. If society can keep that as one of the core values of their mission when it comes to making decisions, no one will ever be left out.

The eclipse is just one of many events that doesn’t happen often, therefore, many will be in place to see it. It’s so cool to know that someone stops to think about how people who’re blind and visually impaired can enjoy it too.

As the world turns, I’m hopeful that other accessible accommodations will be available for all things not because someone just thought of how to accommodate a particular community, but it’s a part of equity everyone should have.

May you enjoy the eclipse in whatever form it’s available for you to view it.

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