Tune-Up Time

Overtime, everything can use a tune-up.

Wear and tear can cause things to either begin to malfunction or completely break-down. I totally rely on my scooter “Cherry” to get me around daily. Without it, I’d be stuck. Because my scooter is my main source of mobility, it goes through a lot, including different seasons that brings rain, snow, and heated days. My scooter has also been through mud, airports, runways, and over rocks.

My sweet Cherry also endures my big fur baby “Tiny”.  He likes to jump up on it daily in-order to get to me and show me love.  Last year, Cherry was stuck in another state while I was awaiting her arrival in Seattle, thanks to TSA. Lord only knows what it went through while it wasn’t in my care.

With all the things Cherry goes through, it causes it not to be up-to par all the time. Currently, my power level doesn’t work, therefore, I never know how much power I have. It doesn’t have the stamina or speed it did when I first got it and Cherry has dropped a few screws underneath, which makes me leery that one day I’m going to go to sit on it and it’s going to fall apart.

Because I know what my scooter has endured, it’s time to get a tune-up.

Unfortunately, for most who are on Medicaid and/or Medicare, there are rules. One of the rules around equipment, such as my scooter, is I can only receive a new one every five years. Also, it only allows me to get things I need such as batteries, once a year.

For those of you who own a car. Do you wait to get a car until five years is up? If so, do you get it serviced once a year? How’s that working out for you?

Unlike a vehicle, I depend on my scooter as many of you depend on your legs. It takes me to the restroom, to the refrigerator, and to the porch to get the mail.

Because I know the system and how long it takes to get an appointment, I scheduled a service call for Cherry a month in advance. It could take weeks or months for parts to come back; and since I have a big milestone birthday coming up, I am planning a big celebration to a city that never sleeps. My wheels need to be as READY as I plan to be!

I think a new system needs to be put in place, so people won’t have to wait five years to get new equipment. That’s too long giving the fact we use them daily.

Until things change for the better, I’ll continue to get annual tune-ups.  I rely on my scooter too much to have it break down. I’m going to do all I can to keep it running, for Cherry and I will be together for the next four years.

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  1. Tony Massoud on

    I was in the hospital Monday and left Tuesday because of an A-Fib attack that was difficult to subside. As I was lying in the bed, miserably, I appreciated having the ability to be able to walk and move around with no problems. It made me more aware of people who can’t get out of bed or lack the freedom to move around. Lying in bed for one night was miserable on my back.

    Having one day of lying on my back was an eye opener to what other people are experiencing who live in nursing homes, hospitals for extended time and people who have Disabilities. My back several days later is still bothering me from the bed in the hospital. Now I feel the need to appreciate people like you even more. You are a hero in my eyes. God has a purpose for us here and yours is to inspire others to appreciate what they have and to appreciate people with challenges who do things very well.
    God Bless you!


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