Vacation Ready

This past year, Because of COVID19, we have all been stuck in the house, so who’s ready for a vacation?

I love to travel! Going to new places, doing new things, and seeing different faces, really excites me. Another thing I love about traveling is planning activities so I can see all the sites.  I try to be more spontaneous and go with the flow, but because I have a physical disability, I really need to know what barriers I’m going to be up against. Sad to admit, but even in 2021 some places are not accessible even though they may say they are on their website. Sometimes a definition of accessibility can be misconstrued.

For instance, New Orleans is an amazing place to visit! The food and atmosphere are great. While visiting on business a few years ago, I noticed some of the hot spots on the famous Bourbon Street, were not accessible. They had steps. I’m guessing the inaccessible buildings were built before the Americans With Disabilities Act came into law and therefore were not mandated to change.

This year I will be taking on the windy city of Chicago!

Like with other places I’ve visited, I am doing my research. One thing Chicago is known for is its deep-dish pizza. I love pizza and I hear Chicago has one of the best in the world. I believe the pizza is more like a pie and it’s thick, gooey and messy, but I’m willing to take one for the team. Also, Chicago has a great reputation for its hotdog which has a tomato and pickle on it. I had one at the airport while on a layover but can’t wait to have another.

A friend also told me I must get a donut from Stan’s Donuts. So, Stan, see you soon.

Chicago’s downtown area is famous for its breathtaking skyscraping architect. So, to make sure I capture the views, I will be staying downtown.  I’d like to learn more about the windy’ city’s history so I plan to visit their museum. From doing my research, I learned Chicago had a few well-known shady mob characters.  They were so famous; movies have been made about them. Chicago is also best known for its sports with having some of the best professional athletes in the world, like Michael Jordan.

Although I’m looking forward to discovering all things Chicago, what I’m looking forward to seeing the most is, the Navy Pier! I love to be near water and just to sit out on the pier where all the happenings are taking place, including the magnificent Ferris-wheel.

Vacations rejuvenate the mind, body, and soul. I don’t think it really matters where you go on vacation as long as it’s, relaxing and fun.

I can’t wait for my Chicago getaway and would love to know where will you be going and what’re some of the activities you’ll be partaking in?

12 comments on “Vacation Ready

  1. Christine K. on

    I will never forget a very quick weekend trip I took to Chicago many years ago. My brother and sister-in-law knew all the best places to see. We went to the Shedd Aquarium, Field Museum, and the Art Institute. It was super crowded downtown because the Cubs had just won a big game. I hope you have a great trip, Shari.

  2. Bethany on

    I second a stop at Garrett’s Popcorn! The caramel is my all-time favorite! I also enjoy the Field Museum and Chinatown! I plan to go to Okaloosa Island in the Florida with my whole family. Two of my three kids are adults now, so vacations are extra special when we get to include them. Enjoy your vacation!


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